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The Verypizz’ is an outside pizza oven that sits on top of the Verycook Plancha Grill to make delicious, crispy, savoury pizza that is worthy of a true pizza-chef!

The principle is simple: with the help of the heating power of the plancha grill, the Verypizz’ heats quickly to the perfect temperature for your pizzas, pies, bread, and other baked goods.

The secret to a successful pizza lies, above all else, in the quality of how you bake your dough. For this, there is a ceramic stone that absorbs moisture from your pizza dough to make it as crispy as you wish without burning it.


You get the perfect formula for a really authentic Italian Pizza.

With your pizza oven, new culinary possibilities await you: pies, tarts, breads and other delicacies. It is also possible to cook certain foods in different ways using Verypizz’.

The Verypizz’ is made in France and like the Verycook Plancha Grill, it comes in ten colours. Its sleek design matches perfectly with your grill, whether you choose to match the colour to your Verycook or not.

Buy only from priced £169.00. The Verycook Plancha Grill is available priced from £319.00 to £429.00

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If you’re like me and enjoy a run every now and then you’ll also appreciate that finding a decent pair of headphones that a) stay in your ear, b) are light, and c) offer decent quality sound at a good price, is often a bit of a challenge.

I was recently sent a pair of AKG’s latest K323 XSs, which are said to be one of the world’s smallest and lightest ever earphones. At an affordable £34.99 (straight version), these are middle market, but perform better than some of the higher end brands. Thanks to their size they are discreet and very comfortable, and don’t move an inch when in your ear, even after vigorous exercise thanks to the four different ear sleeve sizes that are provided (XS, S, M and L).



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Perhaps I put too much effort or thought into choosing the right gift, but it can be difficult. I believe that it not only has to match the recipient, but also the occasion and my budget. So, how do you purchase an appropriate gift?

For weddings, I don’t want to give the same present as everyone else and certainly not the £200 fine china teapot left on the gift list. I like choosing it myself and for it to be used frequently. What’s my answer? Bamboo Sheets. It’s a gift that ticks many boxes. Most people are environmentally aware and as popular as its becoming, it’s still not as widespread as cotton, which ticks the ‘put thought into it’ box. Finally, they will use it again and again.

So for my perfect wedding gift, have a browse of these bamboo sheets.  Don’t forget to enjoy the wedding!


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Guest post by Hannah Field

Being a modest B-cup, I have previously been happy to go bra less when my outfit won’t allow for bra straps.  However, breast feeding 3 children has definitely taken its toll on the perkiness of my bust! 

I decided to try out the “Bye Bra Instant Adhesive Breast Lifts” on a night out with the girls.  My outfit had a cut out in the back so this was the perfect opportunity.


It took a couple of goes to get them on comfortably but this would come with practise.  Initially, I was unsure about how far to lift and was worried that gravity would cause them to come unstuck!  I needn’t have worried. 

They provided a good degree of lift and the nipple covers protected my modesty.  They stayed in place all night, even during vigorous dancing and jumping around - I definitely gave them a thorough test! 

I would say in summary that Bye Bra’s are unobtrusive and easy to use and I felt more secure in these than I have done in a strapless bra, which always has the chance of slipping down. 

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Stuck for last minute Father’s Day ideas? Try these for a sure fire win!

Brunswick London Leather iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C Pouch – Brown with Free Engraving (£44.95)

Wow your smartphone savvy dad with this classy leather iPhone case from Brunswick. This leather iPhone 5S / 5C pouch in brown from BRUNSWICK ENGLAND provides a snug fit and keeps the phone well and truly protected in style. This leather iPhone pouch offers luxury, quality and superb protection for the Apple iPhone 5S / 5C wherever you are.

With a magnetic and elasticated pull-tab system, access with this leather iPhone 5S / 5C pouch is easy and secure so you can take calls on the go without any fuss.




Available from



iPad mini 2 Leather Case with Shotgun Tested Carbon Fibre Lining – Slate Black (£79.95)

Does your dad need an iPad mini case with a bit of oomph, style and protection to boot? Well, if so, try this amazingly slick case which features a carbon fibre and leather casing.

This iPad mini 2 case is crafted using the finest leather, as well as super strong and shotgun tested, carbon fibre. Available in Slate Black, this iPad mini case collection is not only one of Proporta’s toughest cases yet, it also ranks very highly in the style stakes. With its tight layers of fine leather on the exterior, carbon fibre lining and microfibre interiors (very posh felt according to our Products Team) this iPad mini leather case is not only incredibly robust, but looks and feels luxurious too. With cut-outs in all the right places, there’s never a need to remove this iPad mini 2 case, making sure your iPad mini remains protected at all times without sacrificing any functions.




Fulton Stormshield Double Canopy Walker Umbrella

This wonderful umbrellas has stood up well to recent rain and is a great gift for a dad who plays golf or talking the dog out for a walk. With a wide canopy to keep you dry and a long handle, this really is the umbrella you need. Get your umbrella at the Fulton’s online store.





Hallmark London Notebook

Hallmark has a fantastic range of sophisticated stationery, including a variety of notebooks just perfect for those light bulb moments or capturing dad’s scribbles. Designs include quirky and colourful moustaches and iconic London photography.  We love this London Notebook and think it could be a great little gift this Father’s Day. Notebooks are available from £4.00



From Me To You Slippers £8

Looking for something a little cheesy and practical? Try these Tatty Teddy open-back slippers are perfect for keeping your dad’s feet cosy and warm.  The slippers feature an image of Tatty teddy and the words ‘My Dad My Hero’.





“To My Dad” Tobelrone (£4.99)

Is your dad hard to buy for, but does he like chocolate? This is why Toblerone has branded a Father’s Day message on special limited edition 400g Toblerone bars so you can let him know just how much he means to you.




Terry’s Chocolate Orange

For this year’s Father’s Day, Terry’s has launched a limited edition Football Chocolate Orange.  Made from real orange oil and delicious milk chocolate, a slice of Terry’s Chocolate Orange is the perfect gift to treat your dad to this Father’s Day.  It’s not Terry’s, it’s your dad’s!




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