Create a Successful Website: Easy Do it Yourself Steps to Online Success by Paula Wynne

This could possibly be the most important stocking filler this year!

The world of websites, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and online marketing can be a daunting arena. I personally embarked on my own techie voyage around two years ago. What I found was there is a lot of information freely available on the net. What I then found fairly quickly was a lot of this information was incorrect, outdated or just very difficult to grasp.

“Create A Successful Website” by Paula Wynne addresses this problem. The friendly yet authoritative narrative makes this a joy to learn from – and learn you will. The techniques described are all current and very much correct.


This book has a depth to it which surprised me. I consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable in this area, but as I read, I started to take some notes. These notes, packed full of helpful web tips, ended up being a seriously long list of To Dos. I have taken more from this guide than I thought I would, I am very grateful that I was asked to review it.

The book gives you the basics, step by step guides in the natural order of website evolution. Choosing free websites, hosted sites and bespoke development are all covered. If I had read this book before doing anything at all, I would have not only saved a stack of time, but would have done things a lot differently.

“Create A Successful Website” is universal – meaning it`s not just for a Techie. In fact, It is THE book for someone who isn`t too confident with the web, but wishes to gain knowledge in this area.

As a gift, it could be priceless. It is aimed at new business start ups, small businesses and individual business owners, but also has a huge relevance to the home blogger. Not got a blog yet? Just make sure you read this book first and you will not repeat the errors I have made on my journey.

So, who do you know who could benefit from such a book? Literally anyone who has an interest in websites or wishes to put together their own blog site.

The number of respected contributors to this guide is awesome. Paula Wynne and her gang know their stuff. Each section comes complete with all the tips you need and handy blank sections for your own notes. “Create A Successful Website” will become the only website reference book you need.

From this book, I have now developed my own website (HTML knowledge not required). I have also listed my own personal blog on some really useful directories that I didn`t know about.

On start up, you have to make sure you choose the right free site or blog host. If you get this part wrong, It`s something that will cause regret. The right advice is all here and Paula Wynne will continue to be by your side as your website gains momentum.

This is a great introduction to the online world, enabling you to become a confident webmaster. Follow everything in this DIY online technique reference book and you will soon have a website to be proud of.

Available now from Amazon and all other good book retailers, priced at £15.00 (well worth it, believe me!)

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