Devolo 500 Mbps AVTriple+ Starter Kit review

We recently had a bit of a `home internet networking` conundrum, which I am sure so many of us come up against. With the router in one room (the office) and the home entertainment system in another (the lounge) it would have been a wiring nightmare to connect up our Sky box, Xbox and Internet TV. Whilst a few of these items are wireless, their connectivity speed means they are almost unusable, especially being so far away from the router.

In our previous house it was simple, the router and all our gadgets were in one room so all went straight into the back of the box.

So, I went in search of a solution and immediately hit upon Devolo and their ingenious 500 Mbps AVTriple+ Starter Kit. Basically, in this little box of goodies you get everything you need to sort the issue listed above and all for around £80.



One of the plugs goes into the wall where the router is, and plugs directly into the router. This omits a wireless 500Mbps signal to the other plug, which sits in the wall where all your gadgets are, and LAN network cables go directly into the plug. So, what your Devolo is doing is creating a wireless signal in effect directly from the router to the gadgets, works an absolute treat!

What`s more, if you have other items around your house that need connectivity (e.g. internet TV in bedroom), you can simply add another wireless Devolo plug and hey presto!

It`s `plug and play` at its finest, with a quick software download that allows you to troubleshoot and manage the connectivity (security, enhancement etc).

Obviously I need to caveat the above with the fact that you need to check your broadband speed to make sure that this product is the right one for you.

Personally, I’m massively pleased with the product and would recommend it to anyone struggling wit the same issue – would make a fantastic present for the gadget boff!

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