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If you’re stuck for ideas on what to get that gadget loving friend or loved one who has got everything, then let Creative Labs give you a helping hand!  This week always sees a mad rush for people to finish (or start in some cases) their Christmas present shopping.  And, choosing that perfect present for him is always a difficult choice. Creative Labs have a few solutions to make the difficult decision of what to buy that much easier.

If he is the computer buff, casual gamer, thee work-from-home dad or the hardcore gamer, there is a selection of super gadgets that will brighten up his Christmas day to no end!  But, the following is something that the ultimate entertainer will surely enjoy – The ZiiSound D3x!


Just think – speakers with no hanging and ever annoying leads or wires!  Oh yes, this is the one gadget that will definitely have him giving a huge thank you kiss too – and not a bit of mistletoe in sight!  With wireless going to be the next big thing, the ZiiSound Dx series will revolutionise the home audio system. Each stylish wireless speaker connects independently to stereo Bluetooth devices such as the iPhone, iPad or Android phone.  They can also be configured so more speakers are connected wirelessly, to form a multi-channel home audio system.

The sound quality is excellent through the ZiiSound D3x.  With no wires between you and the speaker, you can freely arrange it in any way and anywhere you like. The ZiiSound D3x is versatile enough for you to also switch easily from dance parties to sit-down movie sessions with Party and Multi-channel mode selection. 

I know that this will be used on many occasions in my house – it’s my other half’s favourite gadget at the moment!

The Creative ZiiSound D3x Wireless Bluetooth Speaker costs £139.99.  Also in the ZiiSound Dx series is the D5x and the DSx.  For more detail, please check out

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Renowned for their specialism in the hi-fi industry and their tip top audio engineering, the EB-50s are the brand’s maiden voyage into portable music devices.

Hearing that this top brand was moving into portable music both excited me and made me nervous. I was worried that some of the brand’s quality may be sacrificed in a smaller and more compact product, but I needn’t had been. The EB-50s deliver the highest quality musical experience and are a real success. 







The look and feel

Starting with the look, the earphones are constructed from military-grade aluminium and have a rather simple, but smart appearance. Not overly pretentious, they have an understated and sophisticated appearance which we loved.

These aluminium barrels also have a feeling of high quality and durability – something you would hope for considering the high price tag Thanks to an in-line/mute control you can also keep your music player in your pocket and control your music on the go. For comfort there is also a selection of varying sized ear buds to make sure the EB-50s fit you perfectly and there are also ear hooks to keep them in place.







The sound

The sound has super high clarity and a truly natural feel, therefore making it a really fulfilling musical experience. You begin to notice sounds that other earphones fail to pronounce and experience the music as it should be experienced. They grant you access to the roots of the music and give it a new lease of life - it’s like sitting in the studio with the artist. The bass and trebles are also perfectly balanced giving a really well rounded sound. Also, there is almost no detectable distortion and the range of sounds produced is sublime.

The sound is everything you would expect from such an experienced audio brand, but to do this on your first attempt in portable technology is a real triumph. Musical Fidelity has obviously done its research into what the customer appreciates from these earphones and it’s really paid off. Now my headphones of choice, the EB 50s give you the complete musical experience on the go.






The conclusion

We’ve been lucky enough to try some of the world’s best headphones and earphones throughout the years, but I think that the EB-50s stand up to all of them. The sound has a super high clarity, yet with a natural and non-artificial feel that is truly enjoyable. They really are some of the best in the business and the perfect gift for any music lover or tech aficionado.


The Techy Bits

• Sensitivity: 100dB SPL/mW (1kHz)
• Impedance: 26 Ohms ±15%
• Max input power: 11mW (rated power 5mW)
• Frequency range: 10Hz-20kHz
• Distortion:

• Noise Isolation: better than 96%
• Driver: 6mm balanced armature
• Weight: 28g
• Cable length: 1.2M
• 3.5mm Gold plated Stereo jack plug
• Microphone and answer button included

All products are priced at £149 and are available from or

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Here it is – the LA Allure cover for the new iPhone 5 from be.ez!


The case is light but rigid with TRANSPARRENT sides which improve hand grip. This has got to be the most comfortable phone cover ever!  For those of you who prefer a new phone cover with each new day, the La Allure can be easily changed – not like my last phone cover that ripped the phone apart when I tried to remove it!

Be.ez, a French company well known for its stylish mobile accessories have products selling in over 50 countries worldwide and the stunning La Allure cover is available from £19.95. 
Or, what about the Be.ez LA robe iPad Allure.


The new stylish La robe from be.ez is designed to protect your iPad while not compromising on the fashion statement you are already making by having a tablet to start with!  Be.ez (be easy and undeniably French!) have a reputation for providing unique and trendy accessories for the mobile lifestyle - judging by these products, absolutely true!

I love my tablet, an Apple iPad 2, and never leave home without it and I simply adore the new Allure zip robe. The fact that it zips is a bonus as I am accident prone and this cover completely encloses my tablet in soft shape-memory material. The soft feel makes it easy to carry and difficult to slip from your hand while the stunning range of colours are sure to suit everyone’s taste. The memory foam protects the tablet from bumps and the interior is lined with fleece to protect the screen from scratches. 

This has got to be the most stylish and practical accessory for the iPad on the market and sure to be in a lot of stockings this Christmas!  It retails at £24.99.

To check out other fabulous products, please visit

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For those of you looking for something different and new to the market – this is it! The Swissvoice handset, the CH05, is a stylish addition to the telecommunications industry combining a classic design from the past with new innovative technology.

Swissvoice, established in Switzerland since 1893, has a solid reputation for technical know-how and innovative prowess. It provides the comfort of a landline type handset, thus eliminating the usual discomfort associated with long calls on your mobile phone – neck and arm discomfort and a hot phone! The latter I know all too well and thus the Swissvoice is a welcome addition to my Christmas List, not to mention the added benefit of reducing exposure to potentially harmful RF emissions.


The handset connects to a mobile phone, PC or tablet with a convenient 3.5mm jack, allowing for a convenient and comfortable conversation or gaming experience. They can be used to play music using innovative controls within the handset, demonstrating exceptional sound quality.  To add to the perks, they come in stylish colours and have a trendy retro appearance.  I love the hot pink colour - other colours include sunset orange, sky blue, bright green and white. A non-slip mat is also included with the handset to prevent your phone from slipping off the surface. Definitely a bargain at £34.99.

Available from and  More information can be found at

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So, the big thing this year is Beats By Dr Dre, and if your child has requested these you probably recoiled in horror when you checked out the price!

I have found an alternative to Beats By Dr Dre, with no noticeable difference in performance, but a very big difference in price.

The Ministry of Sound has released an awesome range of headphones to cater for every need. The MOS006 give out a superior look, especially in the gun metal finish, and the iconic logo is discreet enough to remain super cool.


Thanks to Dr Dre, big cup headphones are IN this year. The high-grade anodised aluminium cups in the MOS006 house two 50mm drivers that deliver a supreme audio quality.Crisp, clear and very bass-y – Take that Dre!

Seriously, the sound quality delivered is pretty impressive. Putting the two headphones together shows little difference between the two in terms of performance.

Good looking, great sounding and with added extras such as an anti tangle cable, a comfy foam dual headband and a very good selection of colours including this season’s hottest colour – orange.

If you are happy to pay over the odds for product because of a name, go and get those Beats, you silly billy. If you are a cool customer who expects the best and is happy not to follow the crowd, the MOS006 are a great headphone choice.

An alternative to Beats By Dr Dre? You bet. Beats cost from £125 upwards, The Ministry of Sound MOS006 headphones cost a stunning £39.99.

(Available in four colours (black, silver/black gunmetal/black, gunmetal/orange)

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