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Based on the latest CITV/ Catoon Network series, the Ben 10 Omniverse includes a selection of great action toys and figures. Collectable, reasonably priced and sure to make every little boy’s Christmas dreams come true, this range offers great value for money and will provide many hours of ‘serious’ play.

The three main toys in this range consist of the Omni-Link Omnitrix (£29.99), which features lights, sounds and vibration action, as well as reacting to the included Ben 10 DVD.


The Omnitrix Shuffle (£19.99), which, when shaken or action figures are clipped into place, features light action and alien phrases, and the Transformation Station Playset (£29.99), which includes Ben 10, an alien figure and a secret alien transformation chamber, as well as featuring an array of additional actions. Little Ben 10 fans may also like the Ben 10 alien Mask (£9.99), or the collectable Mini and Alien Collection Figures £1.99 - £4.99) which will make excellent stocking fillers. The Alien Feature Figures (£12.99) are also available with each one featuring a unique action.

All toys within the range are suitable for fans aged over 36 months, and are available from Amazon, Argos and Asda; the Entertainer, Sainsbury’s and Smyths; Tesco, Toys R Us and Toymaster, as well as a range of additional good toy stores. For further information please visit

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Bandai have added several new sets to their award-winning Harumika style range. Arriving just in time for Christmas, they include the ‘Pop Diva Set’, the ‘Style Studio’ and the ‘Masked Ball’. Then, of course, there is the brand-new Harumika Interior Design Range, comprising of two sets designed to thrill little girls with interior design ideas.

The Harumika Pop Diva set comprising of a mannequin, a purple dress form, two corsets for differently shaped dresses/ skirts and a selection of groovy fabrics, as well as accessories, the Pop Diva set has everything young fashion designers need to create gorgeous outfits for their pop princess.  The Style Studio set contains a mannequin, a made-up dress form and varying fabrics/ accessories. It acts as the perfect carry case for the little fashionista’s belts, tools, fabrics, and so on, while doubling up as a display case for a made-up dress.  The Harumika Masked Ball includes two dress forms in different colours, 10 pieces of gorgeous material and a wide selection of flower, lace, ruffle and satin accents, as well as a cut-out mask and fan. The pack’s bottom also features a cut-out mask for the proud owner of the set to wear.

The Harumika Interior Design range – Each of these two sets comprises of a floor, two walls and three interchangeable wallpapers, as well as transforming furniture accessories, six bits of material a stylus and sticker sheets.  Hours of fun and play with this set!! 


Suitable for budding designers from the age of 6 years up, Harumika toys do not require scissors, glue, needles or threads. All fabrics and accessories can be layered, folded and secured via a silicone strip located on the dress form’s back. Easy to pick up, the Harumika technique is simple and safe for your little fashion/ interior designer. With all materials/ accessories being reusable, these toys promise endless creative fun and are definitely good value for money

The Harumika Pop Diva set is available at an RRP of £34.99, while the Harumika Style Studio, which is now available in ‘hot pink’, can be purchased at £29.99. Both sets are available from Argos, Bandai, the Entertainer and John Lewis; Hobbycraft, Smyths and Tesco; Toys R Us, Toymaster and many other toy stores. Priced at £39.99, the Harumika Masked Ball set is a Smyth Toys Superstore exclusive. The Interior Design sets are priced at £29.99 and are available from Amazon, Harrods and Hamleys, with Boots (online), the Entertainer and Toys R Us expected to add them to their ranges fairly soon.  For further information please visit

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I think we all agree buying gifts for men isn’t easy, right? Well here’s a good one - the Letts Admit One Ruled Notebook.


For me, it brings to mind going to the cinema when I was little (not quite the days of black and white films but close!) the huge red velvet curtains, the curving staircase and the snack and ticket booths. Letts have captured all these memories in a really stylish retro design, linen effect 224 page notebook. The soft, faded and slightly distressed design makes it feel authentic and is the high quality that you would expect from a trusted stationer like Letts.

Letts have been producing diaries and notebooks in the UK since 1812 and still use traditional bookbinding techniques, so it’s safe to say they really know their stuff! There is a date section on each page so this notebook can be used as a journal too. Most importantly it is very masculine and cool so would be appreciated by men of all ages. Priced at a very reasonable £6.99 it would make an ideal teachers gift or stocking filler.  To purchase, please visit

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Lost My Name is a unique children’s book customisable for every child. Available for both girls and boys, this truly beautiful book tells the story of a child who has lost their name and sets off on a marvellous adventure to find it.  This book is captivating and will ensure a fabulous read for your child.  Mummy and Daddy will really enjoy reading this and I’m sure it will warm your heart when you see the glee on your little ones face on finding their name (I know I did!!).


On their journey of discovery, the child (in my case Charlie) meets lots of wonderful and captivating creatures, who all help in the search. Each character has its own funny, surprising story, and gives the child a different letter.  Charlie first creature was a Chameleon who gave him a C, secondly was a Hippo who gives him a H and so on…….My Charlie absolutely loves his book and couldn’t wait to bring it to school for story time!  As each book is custom made, every name creates a new, unique, personalised tale.  I love this and will highly recommend it for anyone with children as a perfect personalised gift this Christmas.

Available for £18.99 from

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Suitable for different age groups, Drumond Park’s new game have arrived just in time for Christmas, and as always will guarantee a fun filled Christmas for the whole family.  Here’s some of my favourites -

Mask ‘n’ Ask - Basically a yes/ no board game aiming to help children in developing their logical thinking Mask ‘n’ Ask features 30 double-sided masks, offering players the chance to play with 60 different faces. Players take turns in moving along the board, asking whatever question they land on, followed by taking their guess at who or what another player is. Answers to each question can be tracked with the help of yes/ no counters. Hugely entertaining and educational, this game is set to provide hours of giggles for kids and adults alike. Suitable for 2 to 4 players aged 7+, this game is available at £16.99 from Amazon, Argos and ASDA; the Entertainer, Fenwick and Harrods; Smyths, Tesco and Toymaster, as well as Toys R Us and WH Smith.


Bubble Buster - Playing this ‘run-around’ game is simple: one player uses the provided Kazoo bubble blower to create streams of bubbles (complete with sound accompaniments), while the second player uses a two-pronged wand to try and burst as many bubbles as possible. After a pre-determined time, players swap over and at the end, the wand, which tracks scores for both players, announces the winner. Young children love bubbles as much as they do running around, making this game the perfect gift for your little ones. Christmas Day will be full of laughter and squeals of delight with this one. Detailed at Drumond Park, this game is available from all of the above outlets (except WH Smith), as well as Debenhams. Priced at £9.99, it is suitable for 1 to 2 players aged 4+.


Logo Billionaire - Based on the drama of purchasing and selling well-known brands for huge sums of money, Logo Billionaire is a board game of ruthless, daring and risky business and involves hostile take-overs; companies going bust; newsflashes changing everything and theft of brands. The first player able to make one billion wins the game. This is a great game for older kids and adults. Offering lots of tense fun, it is bound to keep everyone on their ‘tycoon toes’ for hours on end. Priced at £19.99, this game can be purchased from the same retailers as Mask ‘n’ Ask, as well as Hamleys, John Lewis and Selfridges. Also shown in more detail at Drumond Park, it is suitable for 2 to 6 players aged 8 to adult.


All in all, Drumond Park has definitely come up with a set of winners here. More detailed information and a huge selection of further games can be found at

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