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De’Longhi provides us with some amazing kitchen gadgets that are remarkably bang on trend and that will brighten up any dreary kitchen.  So, why not treat your Dad this Father’s Day to either one of the below gifts (depending of course on your budget!).

The De’Longhi new Scultura kettle (£99) really looks the business – cool, funky and oh so very different from the norm!  It combines futuristic and retro design elements to make a truly iconic kettle.  With its high gloss finish and chrome details, this kettle will be desired by many.  It holds a generous 1.5L capacity, and you are guaranteed a quick boil in next to no time. I love this kettle, and think it might be on my birthday list this year!!  The De’Longhi new Scultura kettle is available from John Lewis.


And now for the no limits budget – this De’Longhi new state of the art bean to cup coffee machine, the PrimaDonna XS, priced at £995!!  Yes its expensive, but just take a look at this work of art, it’s the business!!!!  This is a fully-automated bean-to-cup espresso / cappuccino machine that’s easy.  It has a touchscreen with four line text display and is wonderfully slimline. This will without a doubt create the perfect cappuccino, latte or macchiato – just fill with water and fresh milk, load the coffee beans (or ground coffee) and you’re ready to go!  I would love to try a cuppa with this machine – luxury or what!  The De’Longhi PrimaDonna XS is available from John Lewis.


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The other week, my other half and I were looking at buying new knives.  Ours are so old and blunt, and it was taking ages to chop anything up!  So when I had the chance to try out this new Knife Sharpener from Judge, I knew I just had to give it a go.  And oh my, I was not disappointed in the slightest!!  My old and dreary knives has now got a new lease of life, are sharper than they have been for years (literally), and I no linger need to spend a silly amount of money purchasing new ones – for that, I thank you!!


What happens is really rather simple.  This clever little pull-through device lets you speedily sharpen all your steel knives by using a 2 stage pre-set carbide blade and crossed ceramic stone.  The ergonomically designed handle offers a comfortable and secure grip to keep you safe when sharpening, while the non-slip base provides firm support. This is also very suitable for both left and right handed use.  Honestly, this is sharpening at the purest of simplicity – anyone can use this!!

The new Judge 2 stage Sabatier Sharpener cost only £12, and will make a fabulous gift for any home owner.  It’ll even make a great gift for your foodie loving Dad this Father’s Day!  For stockists please visit

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Can I start my saying my Grandmothers favourite flower was the Hyacinth and I had yet to smell anything other than the actual plant that could match the wonderful smell – until I removed the lid from a Potters Hyacinth and Bluebell candle.


Potters candles are made using natural ingredients and are hand mixed, hand poured, hand finished and hand labelled – beat that!

I was very impressed, the tin is absolutely beautiful, and the lid acts as a base for the candle while it is burning – in fact, this is recommended as the candles and the tins are engineered to both warm to aid distribution of the scent into your room. A scent that can be enjoyed for 50 hours!! That is a very impressive burning time for a candle.  The tops of all the candles are sprinkled with co-ordinating ‘crystals’ which add to the appeal.  The Daffodil and Narcissus candle is yellow with green coloured ‘crystals’ topping it, also a beautiful scent.  Combined with the fragrance of jasmine, this is one of their best selling candles.


Delightful gifts you will want to keep and well priced at £8.50.  Available from

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My, oh my, do I just love this or what!!!  This is now the single most useful and most used household item I have ever owned.

Ever wanted to take the bore out of your chore? This is your ticket. The Karcher steam cleaner sc2.500c is fantastic. For starters, it cleans the kitchen floor, and the hall, all tiled, with no scrubbing. It also cleaned the laminate floor in my living room and the fireplace – I can now do all this in 10 minutes! Thank you Karcher! The machine is so easy to use and comes with a simple instruction manual, but to be honest, I just read the quick start guide as I was so excited! The floor attachment has firm open and close slides at the side so the microfiber floor cloth you attach to it really does stay on! This can then go into the washing machine and comes out whiter than white.


The first time I used this cleaner I was in a bit of a rush, I had already mopped my floors a few days previous, but wanted to freshen them up for a birthday party. I nearly passed out at the state of the floor cloth when I was done – it was filthy! I obviously thought I was cleaning the floors but definitely was not.  They looked like new tiles, and it was even a bit embarrassing when my family arrived and all commented on how clean my floors were!! I was amazed at the speed at which I could zoom around, even a stubborn stain needed no longer than a few seconds with the steam and the dirt was gone.

It was a big plus for me that the actual water tank was not attached to the handle – this allows for easy light cleaning –  not like other cleaners which have the water tank in built on the handle, making it heavy to push around. The hose itself was plenty long so I could clean a large amount of the floor before having to pull the cleaner after me.

The tank is also removable and refillable so you can just keep on going!

It wasn’t too long till I tried out the various attachments, especially those suitable for the bathroom. I steam cleaned the wall tiles and even the shower – wow – goodbye mould and lime-scale, and not a harsh chemical in sight! This alone is reason to buy this cleaner – 100% natural, no need to fling the windows open wide so you can clean and breathe at the same time!,  thus family and environmentally friendly. Top marks Karcher. Purchase this steamer and change the way you clean forever, available from, priced at £229.99.

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I consider myself a busy mum, and putting a healthy meal on the table at the end of the day is a must. My schedule includes school runs, housework, shopping, supervising homework and delivering kids to football, rugby and various after school activities. My challenge is NOT to go to bed with the kids at 8pm and instead have quality time with hubby in the evening!

I must admit, this crock pot sat in the box for a week, and it was the various comments of my friends like, ‘Oh, a crock pot, I love mine’ that spurred me to try it.

The first plus for me was the ‘stoneware insert’. I have cooked on stoneware for some time now and am well aware of the top quality results. ‘Non-stick and dishwasher safe’ definitely impressed me. Super! So, how to get started? The recipes were included in the box, along with the various utensils needed, so a quick start to cooking. I love the colour – apparently it’s very modern looking and impressive sitting on my kitchen bench.


So, what have I cooked? Well – what have I not cooked?  I cook almost everything I usually cooked but now I cook it with less hassle. I prepare my ingredients in the morning, which is the ‘quiet’ time for me, and set my cooker to low. My food cooks through-out the day and dinner is ready with no mess or fuss – super! The cooker uses less energy than a conventional over so I am saving money too. I urge every mum to buy this – its’ not over priced, £34.99 from - and see the results for yourself. It sure has transformed mealtimes in my busy house and I wouldn’t be without one now.

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