The Red Valentine’s Apple Tree – A Quirky and Stunning Gift

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A quirky gift idea for this Mother’s Day is this beautiful red Valentine’s apple tree!  This is perfect as a gift for Mum, but also for birthdays or for the avid gardener or keen chef.


Priced at only £19.99, this Red Valentine’s Apple Tree beats the cliché presents of chocolates and teddies hands down!  With this wonderful tree, it will give you delicious apples year after year – money well spent in my eyes! 

The apple is the classic symbol of love and with its glossy red skin and a delicate pinky-red flesh through to the core; the Red Valentine both looks and tastes amazing! The crisp flesh has a classic rosy-apple flavour with a strong hint of freshly picked strawberries and a subtly sweet taste - ideal for eating fresh from the tree, the delicious red apples are also great when used in cooking and will be a fantastic filling for puddings and pies.  The list is endless!


This will look super on the patio in a large pot where it will provide year-round interest and beauty.  The Red Valentine’s Tree is approximately 1.5m tall upon arrival, already looking pretty and inviting.  We have got to thank Bid Shopping for giving us this tree at an amazing price.  Peter McDermott, gardening expert at bid shopping, says –

“Red Valentine is entirely unique in so many ways – it has the most attractive, large, pink blossom in spring between March and April, when it bursts in to growth the foliage is a lovely burgundy shade, it also has a perfect column shape to its growth and forms clusters of fruit up its whole length. In a good year you should expect to pick upwards of 30lbs of fruit per tree! And once established it will continue fruiting for decades – certainly for 30-40 years.”

Blossom for years to come is something that everyone should experience.  This is a thoughtful and meaningful gift, and one that Mum will adore!  To purchase The Red Valentine’s Tree, please visit, where you will also see further gifts that would suit many.

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