It’s Your Story Gets Personal For Christmas

There is nothing better than watching your child`s face when they see something amazing. Their little faces light up, and you know that they are truly happy, which leaves you glowing inside. So to see their faces, when they read a book, which has a picture of them in every page and includes their name, you will know that you have given them a very special gift indeed.

We have reviewed Its Your Story a few times at Iconic Gift`s, and have never been disappointed with the books they produce. They specialise in photo-personalised books for children and adults, and with a range books available, there is always something for everyone.

For this Christmas, I urge you to check out the Snowman book. It is titled the name of your chills snowman, such as Charlie`s Snowman. This 28-page, laminated book takes the child on a magical Christmas adventure to the North Pole. Find out what happens when the child wakes on Christmas Day morning to discover a double-decker bus parked in the garden full of snowmen. Your child will be open-mouthed wanting to know what will happen next.


Follow their adventures as the child is transformed into an elf and helps Father Christmas wrap, sort and deliver all the presents. Will they make it back to their home before everyone wakes up? And will the family believe that they have helped save Christmas?


The story features the child’s face on every page and includes personal information including their address, the name of a friend and family members. It is suitable from 2-7 year olds, but honestly, the grown-ups can get so much fun and amazement from this too. It will cost you £17.50, but is something that your child will hold onto for many years ahead.

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