Men Are Useless – A Review

Men are great, Right? Traditionally, the Hunter / Gatherer. The Alpha Male whose female companion is totally reliant on.

Times have changed, my friend. With equal rights now firmly established (I sound positively Victorian), our lady friends have taken the initiative. There is no Alpha Male, just lots of well organised and driven females showing us up.

It is too true, Men Are Useless.

Being a useless Man, this doesn`t bother me. It should, but that requires effort. I quite enjoy being dominated.

We are evolving. Man is becoming Homo Simpson.

To combat our uselessness, The UK`s first male grooming subscription gift service is here.


Men Are Useless, which delivers a letter-boxed sized, high quality, monthly pack of products and can be offered as a gift subscription. Products include King Of Shaves and Original Source.

With one quick process, you can ensure your man has the right toiletries, delivered direct, every month.

Nice little touches add to the whole package, like some retro sweeties thrown into the box. There is even some sweets taped on to the side of the box for your postie. Inspired!


Packs start from £9.99 per month (including delivery), what price can you put on making your fella that little bit more self sufficient?

A very clever and completely useful concept – A great idea, A great gift.

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