MILK&MORE Christmas Gifts

Part of the Müller UK & Ireland Group LLP, milk&more is your same friendly local milkman but now you can manage your regular milk deliveries online. And it’s not just milk that is delivered. A huge range of daily essentials such as fresh bread, eggs, lacto-free milk alternatives, tea, coffee, bacon, juice, biscuits and even compost, all with free delivery to your door up to 6 days a week! Here are some of their best Christmassy bits!

Cartwright and Butler Butter Fudge (175g)

Immerse yourself in fudge heaven! Made with real butter from an age-old Scottish recipe, Cartwright and Butler’s Butter Fudge is rich, creamy and totally delicious, just the way fudge should be. Trust us, your not going to want to share this with anyone else! Grab yours here for a RRP of £3

Cartwright and Butler Rhubarb and Custard Hard Boiled Sweets (190g) 

Whoever thought to take one of life’s great desserts and turn it into a sweet deserves recognition. These boiled-sweets lose none of that tangy rhubarb and sweet, creamy custard flavour. These little delights will surely give your taste buds a nostalgia burst. Given the respect these classic sweets deserve, they come in a classy, but cute signature, Kilner style jar with a ceramic lid. Get yours for a RRP of £4.29 here.

Cartwright and Butler Toffees (130g)

Ever since its creation in the 1800s, English toffee has tugged at the heartstrings of the nation and even has it’s own national day, and Cartwright and Butler’s version does just that. It’s not just the mixture of butter and sugar that gives you the perfect toffee, it’s the great care and attention that gives you the legendary toffee chew. Grab yours for a RRP of £2.99 here.

Cartwright and Butler Milk Chocolate Chunk Biscuits (200g)

A classic Yorkshire recipe that produces a gloriously delightful biscuit. The flakey, butter crumb is packed full with delicious smooth milk chocolate. This may just well be the perfect partner to a hot cup of tea. Last but not least, these stunning biscuits also come in a reusable biscuit tin, complete with a signature Kilner style lid. Get yours for a RRP of £6.29 here.

By James Kent

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