Monster adidas Sport adistar Wireless in-ear Bluetooth Headphones Reviewed

Are you a runner in need of some seriously good cans? Look no further. Nothing is more irritating than wires dangling from your earphones and catching your hands as you run. Another gripe is ill-fitting earphones, which don’t sit correctly in the ear and keep falling out as you jog. Thankfully, Monster has created the perfect pair of running in-ear Bluetooth headphones. Introducing the new Monster adidas Sport adistar Wireless in-ear Bluetooth headphones.


Monster are renowned for their great sound, high-quality and innovation in design. With these sleek little numbers, the brand has continued their legacy superbly.

The adidas Sport adistar headphones utilise Monster’s patented SportClip™ for a very comfortable fit and to ensure that they don’t slip out as you move. The clip secures the headphones in place meaning they can’t be budged by even the most rigorous of activities. The result is a sealed in audio experience and no loss of sound quality on the move. On a more practical level, the clips are sweat resistant and therefore immune to the movement, even in the wetness of a workout. For us, the headphones were extremely comfortable and snug too – a real treat for the lug holes.

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The headphones also boast wireless connectivity thanks to a 30-foot Bluetooth wireless range. No more fumbling with wires as you run and no more distractions. Sound quality is also superb with a real clarity, fantastic bass and an immersive depth. Plus, like we have already pointed out, the snug fit gives a good sound seal and much of the background noise is minimised.

Plus, using Monster’s built-in mic and remote, you can talk, shuffle songs and tweak volume at the touch of a button. This way, you won’t need to fumble for your device when you want to turn it up, change track or answer a call.

Monster claim these headphones will revolutionise your workout and we have to agree. They are super practical, well designed and they sound awesome too. Available from Amazon for £89.95.

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