Last minute Father’s Day gift guide!

With only a week left until Father’s Day, now is a great time to get your last minute gift orders in! Have a look at some of our latest suggestions below.

Plantronics BackBeat FIT – £56.67

The Plantronics BackBeat Fit is a wireless stereo headset which boasts a sweat-proof, lightweight and comfortable design – perfect for the sporty dad! The headset is very flexible and fits comfortably around the back of your head, and the lack of wires dangling down provides a unique feel when wearing them – this is aided by how extremely light they are, clocking in at only 24g. The eartips on the BackBeat Fit are designed to let some noise from the outside world in, rather than closing you off in your own little bubble; this is to allow you to hear traffic and other dangers whilst you’re running or cycling. I’ve always had trouble with in-ear headphones, but was pleasantly surprised by how comfortably the BackBeat Fit open eartips rested in my ears.

In terms of performance, the BackBeat Fit battery can last up to 8 hours listening, and 6 hours for talking. The sound quality is impressive for such a lightweight headset, and although detailed and crisp, you won’t be blown away by the bass – this isn’t at all surprising though, and I was honestly impressed by how rich the audio was in general. The sound quality really shines when you’re running or cycling along, as I was expecting it to be a lot more drowned out than it was.

Overall the Plantronics BackBeat Fit headset is one of the best sports-focused wireless headphones available today, and offers a comfortable listening experience even whilst doing an intense workout – an excellent gift for any dad looking to get fit this year. To find out more or to pick up a pair for yourself, head on over to the Plantronics website.

BackBeat FIT

James Bond 007 Luxury 300 Poker Chip Set

Let’s face it; every dad on the planet has wanted to be James Bond, at some point in his life. If your dad denies this, then they he is most probably lying! However, why not allow your dad to live out a bit of his 007 fantasy with this luxurious 300 Poker Chip Set from Cartamundi! This fully James Bond branded set contains two good quality decks of poker cards, 300 professional quality casino chips of 14 grams (in denominations from 5 to 500), the obligatory “Dealer” button and a booklet with the Texas Hold’em game rules. But that’s not all! The set comes in a gorgeous padded wooden storage case to ensure you can keep all these goodies safe and sound. This set is slick, suave and sophisticated – just like 007 himself. We would thoroughly recommend the set as a Father’s Day treat. Buy yours here.

007 Poker Set

Photobox Photo Acrylic Block – from £25 + P&P

A great gift for any dad is always the gift of memorable snaps. However, with Photobox, you can elevate the simple picture into a really fantastic gift. The Acrylic Photo Block is a great way of jazzing up old pictures and giving them a modern twist. The block is a high quality 2cm thick polished acrylic with a 180gsm Gloss Crystal paper as a backing. The effect is a fantastic, free standing piece worthy of any desk or mantel piece. It comes in two sizes (A6 and A5), but takes 2 days to produce – so order fast!

Acrylic Photo Frame

Dorco Pace 6 Plus razor – £5.95 a month

No man’s bathroom is complete without a high quality razor to get through that stubble, and Dorco are offering a great selection of razor subscriptions to help your dad out this Father’s Day. We had a chance to try out the Pace 6 Plus razor, and it’s safe to say that we were quite impressed. Being the world’s first six blade razor, it glides effortlessly over your skin and leaves you feeling smooth and ready for your day. Interestingly, the moisturising strips at the top of each blade have Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Lavender Oil infused in to protect your skin, and the pivoting head lets you shave over the contours of your face without any cuts or missed patches. To give your dad the gift of a comfortable, close shave this Father’s Day, head on over to the Dorco website to check out the subscriptions for yourself.

Razors by Dorco

Father’s Day Chocolate from Choconut

London luxury chocolatiers have some fabulous offerings for Father’s Day 2016 and they are perfect for a dad with a sweet tooth. Choconut use 100% Valrhona to create the ultimate chocolate goodies. For Father’s Day they have chocolate cigars, bow ties and medals too. The chocolate melts in the mouth and comes in gorgeous boxes for the most lavish presentation. Aside from the Father’s Day chocolates, Choconut also offer licquer-filled chocs packed with spiced rum, mixed spice and many more flavours. Choconut also offer chocolate-making experiences too! Find out more here.


Hopefully these last minute gift ideas will help you make your dad feel appreciated next Sunday, but did you know that Dads are in half as many photos as Mum? A study by PhotoBox found that Dad is always behind the camera and not in front and that Mum prefers Dad taking the family photos (68%)*. In a bid to put Dad back in the frame this Father’s Day, PhotoBox is opening a photo studio run entirely by kids for one day only; and everyone has the chance to take part. There is also a chance for you to win £300 to make this Father’s Day extra special! To find out more and enter for yourself, head on over to to the #FocusOnDad website.

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