An Unusual Valentines Gift – Adopt An Olive Tree.

On we try to report about the more unusual gift ideas out there and this `Adopt an Olive Tree` by Italian brand Nudo is no exception.

Nude is in fact running a credit crunch special offer where you can adopt an Italian olive tree for a loved one … and get a second tree for half the price. A little different from a box of choccies or a bunch of flowers I`m sure you`ll agree.

So “why an olive tree” I hear you ask… well, did you know Aphrodite, who the goddess of love, used olive oil as an aphrodisiac. And Cupid carved his bow from olive wood… so there you go!


Your two olive trees will be nestled next to each other in our romantic groves in Le Marche. They can even get fruity with each other all summer long… that is until the farmer hand-picks the olives, crushes them and sends the olive oil straight to your door.

It`ll cost you £65 plus p&p to adopt your first olive tree, with the second tree costing £32.50. For this the adoptive parents will receive both of their tree`s extra virgin olive oil, and a trio of Nudo`s finest flavoured olive oils. They are also welcome to come and visit their tree, to water it, or even hug it.

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