Babease – food for babies, not baby food

Have you ever wished for a food for your baby which has been created with the same love, care and attention as the food you enjoy? With Babease you can! Babease use the best in organic produce to create some truly scrumptious food. At Babease they passionately believe that the exciting journey of food starts from the very first mouthful, that’s why this range exists.

Chefs and nutritionists at Babease have created a range of vegetable-led products where you can be sure that your little one is getting the very best. Plus, where possible, these ingredients are sourced here in the UK.

There has also been a particular attention paid to creating food which tastes good. No more of your little one being reluctant at feeding time. From our experience, Babease is gobbled down leaving children smiling.

To see what is included in each pack, a simple wheel of ingredients is included to help you see exactly what has gone into producing it. A great idea to make life easier for parents who take deep interest in all of their babies consumption.

Babease have created what is essentially two arms to their range. The first is a selection of smooth recipes (Stage 1), which are suitable for babies between 4-6 months. Then there is Stage 2, which includes a wider range of ingredients and textures to help you develop your baby’s palate.

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