Bake Up A Storm With OXO This Christmas

Are you into baking and are you looking for some premium bakeware to use this Christmas? If so, you must try out the new professional quality bakeware collection from OXO and their brand new mixing bowl. This stunning, high quality set is ideal for all of your baking, including roasting tins, oven trays, baking sheets and cake tins.

One thing that grabs you straight away with these products is their exceptionally high quality feel, with a sense of durability and performance beyond your usual kitchenware. But that’s not all, the range has an exclusive coating and surface with micro-texturing to evenly distribute heat through your bake. Plus, the surface has a ceramic non-stick surface, which works amazingly well and each bake never seems to get stuck.

In terms of the build, the trays are made from heavy-grade aluminised steel, giving a sense of robustness and strength too. The tray also features a stay-flat feature helps prevent pans from warping and square-rolled edges add reinforcement for structure, strength and durability, and provide a secure grip for easy handling and transferring to and from the oven.  This really is a range that will last and stand the test of time! We love them! Available for between £20-£22.

To top off your baking experience, we would highly recommend the OXO Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl (£16).

Complete with a non-slip base, this bowl won’t be sliding anywhere while you work and the stainless steel keeps super clean and odour free too. We love the clean cut finish, slick look and fantastic OXO build quality.

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