Be.ez Allure for iPhone 5 and iPad

Here it is – the LA Allure cover for the new iPhone 5 from be.ez!


The case is light but rigid with TRANSPARRENT sides which improve hand grip. This has got to be the most comfortable phone cover ever! For those of you who prefer a new phone cover with each new day, the La Allure can be easily changed – not like my last phone cover that ripped the phone apart when I tried to remove it!

Be.ez, a French company well known for its stylish mobile accessories have products selling in over 50 countries worldwide and the stunning La Allure cover is available from £19.95.

Or, what about the Be.ez LA robe iPad Allure.


The new stylish La robe from be.ez is designed to protect your iPad while not compromising on the fashion statement you are already making by having a tablet to start with! Be.ez (be easy and undeniably French!) have a reputation for providing unique and trendy accessories for the mobile lifestyle – judging by these products, absolutely true!

I love my tablet, an Apple iPad 2, and never leave home without it and I simply adore the new Allure zip robe. The fact that it zips is a bonus as I am accident prone and this cover completely encloses my tablet in soft shape-memory material. The soft feel makes it easy to carry and difficult to slip from your hand while the stunning range of colours are sure to suit everyone`s taste. The memory foam protects the tablet from bumps and the interior is lined with fleece to protect the screen from scratches.

This has got to be the most stylish and practical accessory for the iPad on the market and sure to be in a lot of stockings this Christmas! It retails at £24.99.

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