Bespoke Dog Collars From Holly&Lil

I have come across the most extraordinary Leather Dog Collars I have seen, something that you would be very proud for your loyal companion to wear. Holly&Lil have created beautiful bespoke collars which are designer originals and all wonderfully handmade. They are of incredible quality and will last you pet for years!


Holly&Lil not only design these magnificent collars for dogs, but also do so for cats. Stunning is a word that I would not often use for a pet collar, but it the first word that came to me when I first seen one of these for myself! Your pet will be sure to be the envy of many wearing a Holly&Lil collar.

I especially love Holly&Lil`s new collar `The Rainbow. This new collar from was inspired by The Wizard of Oz and was launched at Crufts 2010. It was worn by Toto on the BBC’s Search for Dorothy – helping make it a must have for your Dog. `The Rainbow` really is a work of art, especially as it can come with a matching lead. The Rainbow collar really is a wonderful hand stitched Calf leather collar. It is available as a Wide only; the wide collars are narrow under the chin for the dogs comfort then wide at the back for our viewing pleasure. The Rainbow will cost you £105, but when you think of the quality and durability of it, it is definitely worth it! Also, it is good to show you`re Dog how special he/she is.


Holly&Lil also offer fantastic Dog Collar & Lead Sets which come in wonderful coloured calf leathers, cowskins, tweeds, tartans & brocades. They design all dog and cat collars in a dazzling array of leathers; from red and black to turquoise, orange, white, sugar pink, even silver and gold.

I love them, and I am sure you will too!

To buy your collar, you can shop online at or at their “pet” Shop in London were all dogs are welcome.

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