Bobble Toothbrush Holder

One of my pet hates is when my children (and their father!) leave their toothbrush just laying on the sink! Even though there is a pot to put them in (close at hand), they somehow forget about it – it drives me crazy!! So when I heard of these Bobble Toothbrush Holders I couldn`t wait to try them out – and oh my, what a change it has made in the bathroom!


The Bobble Toothbrush Holder is an ingenious and simple idea. It hygienically holds a manual toothbrush upright and cannot tip over. Its weighted bottom means that if you knock it over, it immediately corrects itself to the upright position – just like the weeble-wobble toys. Not only does it perform wonderfully, but it also looks good too! Available in pink or grey, it certainly looks the part of any chic bathroom. Or, how about looking good on your desk? These hold pens and pencils in the same way and will work fantastically in the office.

I feel that these would be a great gift for many, and trust me, children love them! My boys now never leave their brush lying on top of the sink awaiting `me` to tidy them away. Now, they are happy to use their new holders day in and out – yippee, at long last!

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