The Book of Everyone Reviewed

If you are looking for the ultimate in exciting, touching and unique personalised gifts for Christmas – look no further than The Book of Everyone. In fact, The Book of Everyone has already help over 400,000 people create personalised books in 175 countries, which is quite an achievement! But what makes their offering so appealing? Let’s find out!

What can you personalise?

The Book of Everyone offers a range of fun paperback, hardback and gift packed personalised books for almost any individual!  To ensure that there is a gift for every type of person, they offer a range of books you can then look to personalise. For example, there is a romantic book, a milestone book and even a quickie book. The crux of it is that there are so many different opportunities to create a personalised book for any occasion or any person.

Packed within each book is a raft of quirky and interesting insights about the person you are giving a gift to. We loved the insights the book provides into the day people are born, key world events on that day and bizarre scientific facts related to your giftee of choice. There really is a lot of fun to be had here, even for the person creating the book.

Personalisation is a piece of cake

We have to say, personalising a book with The Book of Everyone is one of the easiest and slickest personalisation experiences we have encountered. Simply fill in the name of the recipient, their birthday and your name, then an initial draft is created.

The book is then filled out with the range of quirky facts and insights. However, and here is the really smart trick, within that template you can then further personalise pages to show off your knowledge of the person you are gifting too. See below an example where you can personalise how someone’s mind works in three snappy segments..

All in all – a superb gift for Christmas 2018!

All in all, we absolutely love this service and would recommend it to anyone. Each individual book you order also comes with a digital copy! However, we were a little disappointed with the flimsiness of the paper backed copy we received and we would suggest upgrading to a hard back.

Find out more here. Books start from £19.95.

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