Braun Satin 7 Sensocare Straighteners Reviewed

The Braun Satin 7 Sensocare straighteners are packed full of cutting edge technology and features, which make them a real must have this Summer. Braun have created straighteners with your hair in mind and the experience is completely personalisable to an individual. No more over heating of your hair or ineffective straightening – the Satin 7 Sensocare straighteners are the smart alternative to your run of the mill product.


Unique sensor technology makes these straighteners truly exciting

These neat little performers derive their Sensocare name from the ground breaking sensor technology on-board. Every 20 seconds sensors built into the straighteners read your hairs moisture level and adjusts temperature automatically to suit you.

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In a world first, these straighteners will completely adapt to protect hair and they can perform between 120°C-200°C. Braun describe the tech as “Wires as thin as a human hair connect to a processor that actively and continuously adjusts temperature 20 times per second. Heat protection of every strand.” Exciting!

In addition to the Sensocare technology, the device also features nanoglide 100% ceramic plates, which have a small amount of movement to ensure smoothness.

Customisable for up to 3 people!

Once you find a temperature to suit you, the device will store your personalised setting for future use. In fact, up to 3 separate profiles can easily be stored. This is a life saver, as you will be able to use the straighteners in a rush, knowing that your hair isn’t being damaged.


But, that’s not all. There is also a great feedback system, which aims to give you guidance on achieving the best results for you and your hair. For example, if the hair is too damp or you are using the straighteners too fast, they will inform you and you can then adjust your routine accordingly.


The outcome: An improved user experience and results

Straightening hair can really damage the tips and leave your hair feeling limp, lifeless and damaged. However, all of this smart technology inside the Satin 7 Sensocare straighteners really seems to pay off.

Our hair seems shinier and less damaged at the ends too. Plus, the straighteners glide brilliantly across hair to give a frizz free and super smooth finish. We didn’t experience any burning smells or issues during our testing. Healthy hair is back!

Here is a video to help you create a great look using the Satin 7 Sensocare straighteners:


Other cool features

  • In a rush? No problem, as these straighteners can get up to temperature in only 30 seconds.
  • The straighteners also have a specifically designed curling edge and cool tip, which allows for great curls to be easily created. This ability to perform another function is another string to the bow for the Satin 7 Sensocare straighteners. The curling is also easy to perform and the results are fab.

RRP £99. Find out more here.

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