Bright Light Ranger – A Home Necessity

The weather has been pretty savage recently, with parts of the UK losing power to homes as a result. In the event of a power cut, how prepared are you?

I bet there is a stash of candles somewhere, maybe with a lighter close by if you are lucky. But that is so last year and the many years before.

My first favourite product of 2012 is the Bright Light Ranger, a rechargeable torch that is a home necessity, it`s that good.

So how is a torch really that good?


Firstly, my eyesight is really bad…I mean really bad. I cannot see a thing once it goes dark, so a good light source is important to me.

The Bright Light Ranger is a great light source, with 12 Power LED`s (much brighter than ordinary LEDs – and 12 of them) and a huge wide angle beam that spans a 40 square metre area.

Secondly, this is an eco torch, with no doubt. The LEDs are low energy, the rechargeable element displaces batteries and it also has a hand crank when the charge runs down.

The charge running down would be rare though as a full charge lasts for over 12 hours continuous use.

The re-chargeable battery can be charged via the mains adaptor supplied, a 12V car socket, or with the wind-up handle in emergencies.

A 6V DC socket is provided on the rear to allow even more lights to be plugged when required. It is all housed in a tough and compact casing.

There a not many portable high-intensity lighting solutions that can match the long range, wide scope beam.

The uses for such a torch are endless. It is a home necessity and would be perfect for camping too.

The Bright Light Ranger`s final good point is the price, retailing at £69.95, you will not find a better performing torch at this price.

You can get this awesome product from Amazon, you will not be disappointed.

Nevada`s Managing Direct says, “Power LED`s are a fantastic new light source and when used in the “Bright Light” will illuminate a complete back garden, workshop, stables, or other large area, for over 12 hours between charges.”

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