Buy Your Face on to a Magazine Cover

Sometimes you just run out of ideas for a gift and you get stuck into a rut of buying flowers, wine and chocolates. It’s unimaginative and pretty boring to be honest. What about gimmicky gifts i.e ones that don’t have any intrinsic value or use but can bring a smile to the face of the person your buying it for.

Personally, I love that sort of thing. Don’t get me wrong a serious gift is often required for a serious occasion but for those more light hearted celebrations then some originality and novelty may be suitable. That’s why I quite like some of the previous novelty gifts we’ve mentioned on Iconic Gifts like the Buy the Name of a Star. Ok, so it’s not like receiving a Rolex but it’s fun and interesting. Thats why I quite liked this new idea floated by for a place on a magazine cover.

The sales patter:

“You don’t have to be famous to get your face on the cover of a magazine. Now, with a little help from you can choose one of many front page stories and we’ll create your own bespoke front page cover including your chosen picture professionally added to the cover. Impress your friends and relatives and discover what it feels like to be a celebrity – without the annoying paparazzi following you everywhere…
When you order you will receive the gift pack which includes the order form, CDR for your photos and a return envelope, as well a list of the available magazine titles and tips for your photo selections. Follow the easy instructions and you’ll receive your framed front cover in no time.”

Sounds like and ideal Hen Party gift!

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