Caddy Motion In Car Charger


This is a gift that will really benefit the lazy golfer. It’s basically a simple but handy invention by a couple of Irishman called the Caddy Motion and it does the following:

“The Caddy-Motion in-car charging system features a durable composite material forming the base of the cradle, within which is incorporated the battery retaining straps, which have been tested for durability under severe driving conditions. This relates to minimising any movement of the battery and allowing the battery to charge whilst the vehicle is in motion. The cradle also incorporates two i.e. indicator lights, which inform the driver of the state of charge of the battery at any given time e.g. red indicator reflects that the battery is still charging, while green suggests that the battery is ready for use.

As the battery lifespan is important to Caddy-Motion and the battery providers, we have installed two relays within the battery cradle and they are designed to control the amount of charge that the battery receives, thus eliminating any over-charge or over- heating of the battery. When the vehicle is not in use, both the caddy cart battery and the vehicle battery are disconnected from each other. This system of relays will eliminate any possibility of either system damaging or discharging the other.”

So basically, if you can’t be bothered to take your conventional powered golf trolley out of the car for charging, this product could provide an easy solution to keeping it ready to go at any time. Quite nifty really.

The inventors recently made an appearance on Dragon’s Den seeking venture capital investment. They turned down various offers of cash, but seem unperturbed and are pushing forward to market. Here’s some background on the company:

“Caddy-Motion was established by Andy O Reilly in August 2004 for the purpose of the manufacture, sales and distribution of a new product. This product saves the golfer time and ultimately money. It avoids effort, inconvenience and hassle, and is unique in its simplicity.

The product relates to the charging / re-charging of a Caddy Cart battery, and is for installation in the boot / trunk of a car. The battery will be secured via a cradle, which will be attached to the vehicle bodywork.

Production has begun and units will be available in November 2006.

Christy O’Connor Snr., 10 times Ryder Cup competitor has endorsed the product, and acknowledges the convenience and ease with which he now re-charges his Caddy Cart battery.”

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