Turn up the heat this summer with the Char-Broil® Kettleman

It’s the time of year when you might be thinking about grabbing yourself a new BBQ, sitting out in the sun and cooking up a storm.

If that’s the case, then the Char-Broil Kettleman BBQ packs enough innovation to make it a must-buy this Summer. Find out what we thought in this top-to-tail review!

kettleman BBQ

What sets the Kettleman apart from the traditional kettle BBQ?

Char-Broil are based in the US and they are market leaders in this field, so they know a thing or two about what it takes to make a great BBQ. The Kettleman 22.5” charcoal grill is not just a great looking BBQ, but it is also the first infrared BBQ to hit our shores. The patented Tru-Infrared technology promises various benefits, such as even distribution of heat and juicier results.

Did it deliver on the promises of juicier meat and an enhanced barbecuing experience? We certainly think so. Grilling using the Kettleman is a revelation and the traditional style of kettle BBQ is not something we would like to go back to having used this.


The secret here is what Char-Broil refer to as “Contactless Cooking” and the design of the grilling area itself. The grate is not your typical surface and is made porcelain coat. Plus, the grill is a no fall-through grill and it’s almost impossible to drop your prawns or bits of meat down into the depths of the coals. This unique design means that the number of flames coming through is reduced and the chances of burning the meat are minimised. All of this happens while heat is allowed to permeate upwards evenly through the grill surface and the smokey aroma of the coals is allowed to come through also. The results here are fantastic and the food we cooked didn’t burn, it didn’t become flame ridden and it didn’t cook too quickly. It’s also worth mentioning that the grilling space is very ampleIMG_2288 indeed and there is more than enough room for a 10 person BBQ banquet! The BBQ experience here is like no other kettle BBQ we have used and, as promised, the results did indeed seem a lot juicier than on other BBQs. The flavour is stunning!
The efficiency of the grilling surface also meant that we used less coal than we would typically and we actually found the Kettleman to be more efficient on coal than our old kettle BBQ. Using our chimney starter we only had to fill it half way to generate enough coals for a two person BBQ. Although, the Kettleman is pricey at almost £200, the cost savings on fuel and the overall enhanced cooking experience mean that this price is more than reasonable.

It’s more than just the Tru-Infrared technology which makes this a great BBQ

The Kettleman is also a triumph in terms of overall construction, design and controlled cooking. At the top of the BBQ you have easily changeable vents and a temperature gauge to allow you to cook at the perfect temperature. Whatever you are cooking, you can be sure that you have control over the air-circulation and heat going to the grill. The Kettleman is also 30% higher than the average kettle BBQ according to Char-Broil, so you won’t find yourself bending over all afternoon getting a sore back. On a practical level, the BBQ is also easy to clean and the ashtray is discreet, yet pops out of place easily to allow for easy disposal. It’s also a very sturdy BBQ and it feels like it has real quality to last for Summers to come.

The Char-Broil® Kettleman is priced £199.99 and is available online and from selected stores including; Homebase, B&Q, Amazon, Argos and all good garden centres. For information and stockist info visit www.charbroil.eu or call 01993 705217. 

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