Christmas Gifts for Him 2015

Christmas is here! To celebrate, we have collected some of the best gift ideas for Him from across the UK. We have everything from super smellies to pork scratchings. If you are in need of some unique ideas, just read on!

Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Cracker

Molton Brown is one of our favourite brands and we tend to love any product they release. This fun, elegant and festive cracker is a wonderful way to treat your loved one this Christmas. The set includes Molton Brown’s signature Black Peppercorn Body Wash (50ml), which has an absolutely excellent aroma. Plus, the set also includes a bottle of Ultra-light Bai Ji Hydrator (30ml) and Black Peppercorn Nourishing Body Lotion. Grab yours here.11172780-2074327528899003

Mophie Juice Pack Air (£89.95)

There is nothing worse than being caught short and without battery power on your mobile. It means you are cut off from the world and you cannot send that all important tweet! However, Mophie’s Juice Packs are a great way to ensure you never run out of power. The packs are protective, yet lightweight and they offer 100% extra battery with the flip of a switch. Made for iPhone 6s / 6, this is the ideal everyday case to keep you charged through the day and well into the night. We were lucky enough to try a juice pack and we found they seamlessly integrated into our day-to-day life, but really enhanced how we used our phones. The packs allow you to have oodles of power on the go, without adding too much bulk or blocking phone functions. We will never go back to a phone without a Juice Pack attached. Available from here.


Snaffling Pig Co. Gifting Jar – £15.99

Like a lot of men out there, I like to consider myself a connoisseur when it comes to pork crackling. When I read claims of the Snaffling Pig’s crackling being ‘universally loved’, it’s fair to say I had my initial scepticisms. Oh how wrong I was. Every piece was cooked to the point of being crispy but not too hard, and they each have the perfect blend of salt and seasoning to provide an irresistible flavour which doesn’t overwhelm your taste buds or leave you feeling sick afterwards. It’s safe to say you’ll be back for more.

The diversity of interesting offerings is astounding, and includes salt & vinegar, BBQ, black pepper, habanero and many more. If you want to wet your whistle whilst pigging down on your crackling, there are even special packs which include a selection of beers or ciders.

Putting the content aside, the 300 grams of porky nourishment is presented in a beautifully tapered Kilmer jar. And what happens when your jar is getting empty? Fear not, for the Snaffling Pig co. offer affordable refills which can be at your doorstep faster than a greased pig! I couldn’t recommend these enough, and they will put a smile on any man’s face. Find out more at and pick up your first gifting jar for only £15.99.

Salt & Vinegar Gifting Jar

August Bluetooth Stereo Speakers MS515

Bluetooth speakers are a must for any man this Christmas. It’s time to do away with those pesky wires and to streamline the home or workspace. This nifty little set from August gives you a pair of 5 watt speakers for the price of 1. These speakers can be used when connected to the mains or on the go for the ultimate flexibility. They sound great too and pack a decent punch, considering their small size. We found that they easily linked up to our mac and within a minute we were playing some music. Set-up couldn’t be simpler, ensuring a fast and easy connection via Bluetooth (v4.0) pairing to smartphones, tablets, laptops, pc’s, within seconds, enabling users and their friends to share their favourite music instantly. The battery is also great – almost 9 hours after playing we are still yet to run out of power. A great gift. RRP is £64.45, but they are currently available from Amazon for £34.75.


Henry J Socks Subscription Service

Now, I know what you are thinking “why socks?”. Well, this fantastic subscription service from Henry J Socks is more than just your usual pair of socks.

We would highly recommend the three month service from Henry J Socks, which will see your recipient of choice receive a beautiful pair of fresh socks every month, for just £5.99 a month or £17.97 as one payment.


Offering exclusive designs, featuring bright spots, stripes and bold block colours, there’s a pair for every man wanting to look their best this holiday season. We absolutely love the quality and feel of the socks we received. Plus, there is something really special about receiving a gift each month, where you aren’t quite sure what you are going to get.

The socks are available in average (6-10) and Large (11-16). They are made of 80% Cotton, 17% Polyamide and 3% Elastane to ensure optimum comfort.  Buy them here.


Firefly Laser Lamp (, £39.99)

I don’t know about you, but every man I know loves playing with a laser! There is just something about the laser which draws the attention of man, son, father and grandfather. This ultra low powered laser utilises revolutionary optics to generate a plethora of far reaching laser beams.  The result is pretty damn spectacular  – we cannot believe the device runs off only 1 watt of power! Thanks to the nifty optics, the green laser beams dispersed are strong and can reach up to 100ft. We love our device, we really do. It is just so versatile and fun!


Media-Room-750 The laser lamp can be powered by mains or using 3 AAA batteries, so it’s perfect to pop in the house or garden. We can see this being used at parties, music festivals or even just in the garden. It’s also completely silent, which is a bonus! Buy yours here.


Bulldog ‘The Kennel’ Trio Set (£12 from Boots)

We love Bulldog and their range of award-winning natural skincare products. Built just for men, this ‘The Kennel’ trio set is a fantastic introduction to the ethos of Bulldog and their great products. The set includes Bulldog Original Face Wash (150ml), Original Face Scrub (100ml) and Original Moisturiser (100ml). Available for only £12, this is a good medium range buy and perfect for a stocking filler or small present.


Jockey Long Pyjama Mix

If your man likes to lounge around but is in need of some classy, understated and high quality jim-jams, then this set from Jockey is an absolute must. Simple and stylish, these 100% cotton pyjamas are super soft and comfortable.


This collection evokes a simple but stylish image for the modern man. The material mix provides the wearer with all-round comfort for any occasion. The long sleeved round neck top is perfect for winter evenings. Plus the check pyjama pants with draw strings, a button placket and side pockets offer a practical and enjoyable ensemble. Our favourite PJs of the season so far! Available from for £46.00 – £52.00. They come in stonewash or navy (pictured).

Homemade Gin Kit from The

Make no bones about, men and dads, in particular, love making things and they love to get involved! This super cool set allows you to make your own, unique gin in just 36 hours. In a neat rustic style box, you will receive 2 x 375ml glass bottles, a stainless steel strainer and funnel, plus the all-important ingredients. These ingredients are juniper berries (key for gin making), spices and aromatics. All you have to do is add your own vodka and tailor the gin to your taste. We absolutely love the fun and freedom this kit offers; there is just so much scope for personalisation – which we think your dad might just like. We knocked up our very own batch and it was a real joy to drink and to know we had made it! Buy yours for £39.99 at The

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Jack Black Jet Set Traveller £22.00

Perfect for men on the go, this set offers a high-end range of miniature products for him to pack into any suitcase or back pack. The set includes Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser 88ml, Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather 88ml and Double-Duty Moisturizer SPF20 44ml. This set contains three skin essentials with Jack Black’s PureScience technology. These items are also inline with hand luggage regulations, which is fab. Each product is absolutely great and well worth the price. However, the moisturiser is particularly good and leaves skin silky smooth. We would also recommend the Turbo Wash too! Available from or


The Old Street Barber Co Peppermint & Lemon Peel Beard Oil (currently £20)

A great gift here for a man who sports a beard, short or long! Simply warm a few drops of this oil on your hands and massage into  the beard to keep the hair and skin fully moisturised. We found that it eases itching and prevents rashes too. For best results comb into style using a beard comb. Available here.


The Old Street Barber Co Wooden Beard Comb (£11.99)

To match the oil, go for this gorgeous pear with comb with laser engravings to boot! Find it here.


Avon Attraction EDT for him

We were really surprised at this eau de toilette for him. Attraction from Avon is a brand new fragrance and is an endearing blend of musk and woody scents. The bottle and packaging is super stylish and not to dissimilar to other offerings from higher-end brands. Really worth considering! For just £15 this is an absolute steal and can be found here.


Flexi Torch Multilight from JML (£9.99

Doing handy work in winter is sometimes a bit of a pain due to darkness and a lack of light. However, JML have this covered with the  Flexi Torch Multilight from JML (£9.99 (watch video here). The Flexi Torch is equipped with 10 ultra-bright LEDs and its 360 degree hanging hook ensures any job around the house can easily be completed hands-free. The light is very versatile and can be hung or placed in almost any position. A great stocking filler at just £9.99.


David Beckham Instinct Sport Two Piece Set (£4.99)

This David Beckham set is certainly worth considering if you are looking for a little stocking filler. The set contains a 150ml Body Spray and 200ml Hair & Body Wash. We liked the clean, masculine scent and we think it’s a steal for under a fiver. Available from Lloyds Pharmacy.

PhotoBox (N/A)

PhotoBox is an online photo printing company, offering you the chance to create your own personalised gifts with minimal effort. Using the company’s online tools, you can create a range of products from mugs to large wall prints. Even if you’re a novice to image editing, you’ll have no trouble using the simple tools provided by PhotoBox. Simply pick a frame of choice (say a Christmas-themed mug), and then drag your favourite photos onto it. Done! What about those professional Photoshoppers out there? Have no fear, for you can design your own images and then upload them directly onto your desired object.

During our testing we designed a 40cm x 30cm Mounted Gallery Print, and a ‘Colour Bright’ Photo Mug. The delivery of both items was very swift, arriving a mere 4 days after ordering. The print quality on the gallery print was absolutely top notch, even when inspecting it with a magnifying glass. It was printed on a very sturdy canvas, and the matte print appeared incredibly professional. Although the colours on the Photo Mug were slightly more de-saturated than desired, the print was clear and it takes up a large area of the surface area. The wide variety of designs to choose from certainly made up for the colour quality, and after using the mug for almost a week I can say that it’s proving very useful.

We would recommend PhotoBox for novices and experts alike, as it provides a cheap and easy way to send personalised gifts out this Christmas. Check out some of the great deals going on right now on the PhotoBox website and start creating your first masterpiece today.





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