Christmas Pet Gift Guide 2016

Christmas is a time for the whole family and that includes pets! Cats and dogs, plus other household pets, are a part of the family too. That’s why we have collected some of our favourite gifts for pet owners (specifically cats & dogs) and their pets. Including a funky personalised stocking, some fantastic toys and one bit of pet tech any cat owner must have!

Sgt. Smith Personalised Pet Stockings (£16)

How cute is this? Sgt. Smith have created a smashing present everyone can admire. We have stockings for all the family and this one will set next to ours proudly for Christmas 2016.


The stocking is made from a super high quality cotton for a long lasting feel and great look. At the top of the sock, you will find red and white stripes, just to give the stocking that extra Christmas touch. To add your pet’s name, visit the Sgt. Smith website and tap it in. Hey presto, when your gift arrives it will have a personalised name tag, featuring either a bone for a dog or a fish for a cat.

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The stocking is the perfect size for a small/medium cat or dog, as the gifts will fit neatly inside. However, for a slightly larger dog with bigger toys, this may not be for you. We found it quite a squeeze getting toys in for our large dog. However, for a smaller animal, there is plenty of room for toys and treats. A beautiful set for Cat or Dog this Christmas!

Find out more here.

OXO Goodgrips FurLifters (from only £8)

We all love our pets to pieces but there is always one aspect of being a pet owner that can be quite a pain – pet hair! Pet hair gets absolutely everywhere and it can be a real pain to remove. You will find it all over your new clothes, all over the sofa, in your car and just about anywhere your pet has been. That’s why we love these OXO Good Grips FurLifters!

Available in a range of three sizes, FurLifters removes any pet hair, lint or fur in an instant. To get cleaning, simply take your FurLifter and brush as the arrow on the product tells you. As it glides over the surface, all of the pesky pet hair is removed with minimal fuss and issue.


However, that’s not all, as the device is also self-cleaning, an absolute game changer! The FurLifter comes with a base, which removes all of the pet hair from the brush, thereby making it ready for use. This means no refills at all!

  • FurLifter Furniture Brush (£15)
  • Furlifter Garment Brush (£12)
  • Furlifter On-The-Go Brush (£8)


Available from Lakeland and John Lewis.

FroliCat® CHATTER™ Automatic Cat Teaser (£18.99)

If you have a cat, then you simply mist buy one of these – they are fabulous! The FroliCat® CHATTER™ toy by PetSafe® brand is an automatic teaser toy that chirps and wobbles to keep your cat playing. Cat lovers will know that they love to play and be active all around the clock; however, we know that it’s not always possible to give your cat all the time they need. That’s why this device ensures that your cat is as happy as can be, as you can simply switch on and let your cat play, leaving you free to do other things.


To start the device, you need 3 AA batteries and you are ready to roll! The bird at the top will then begin to bounce and move around, spurring your kitty into a frenzy of action.


The best part of this piece of kit is the Play While You Are Away mode. This will turn on the device when you are out of the house and provide your cat with spontaneous moments of play throughout the day. Or, you can simply elect to let the device run for a single play and this runs for approximately 10-15 minutes in short bursts.

A must-buy for any cat owner!

Find out more here from PetSafe.

The Rugged Flyer from Chuckit! (RRP £11.99)

Chuckit have just released a brand new range of Rugged toys. These toys are purpose built for rough and tough play, from even the most powerful doggies. We tried the Rugged Flyer and the name is certainly appropriate – it is very sturdy indeed!

Many toys we have had in the past simply crumble under the pressure of a bigger dog, but this product is definitely built to last! The Flyer has been built with a tough inner core and soft outer ridgets, which allow the dog the grab on tightly. There is no puncturing here either, as the thick rubber provides the perfect shock absorber. Available here.


The Rugged Bumper from Chuckit (RRP £12.99)

One thing large dogs love to do is to have a good old fashioned tug of war! They love to pull, wriggle and attempt to prise the toy away from your hands. However, this clever product provides you with two nylon straps, thereby giving you a little more purchase and a better chance of withstanding your strong doggy’s pulling power!


As with the Flyer, the Bumper is made with the rubber outer ridges and tough core for the ultimate long lasting toy. A great present for any dog who likes to play rough! Buy one here.


Busy Buddy® Squeak ‘n Treat Booya™ (£4.99)

Lastly, but by no means least, the Busy Buddy Squeak ‘n Treat Booya is a treat dispensing toy with a squeak! The toy can be packed with little treats and when your dog plays with it, the treats randomly pop out and fall onto the floor. The idea being here that the dog is encouraged and rewarded for playing actively with the toy. This is great for encouraging those lazier pooches to get up and go. The shape also makes it tougher for the dog, as its odd shape creates unpredictable bouncing and movement.


The clever bit about this toy is that you can personalise it too. Simply trim the patented Treat Meter™ prongs to increase the rate at which the treats come out. Once the prongs are cut, there’s no going back, so we recommend trimming only a little at a time and testing the result.



Find out more here, at PetSafe.

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