Custom Ear Phones

Ever dreamed of having perfectly fitting ear phones for your ipod? Your not alone….

Custom Ear Phones have spotted a niche and aim to fill it with their bespoke service which creates headphones for the individual – moulded to the exact contours of your inner ear.


How do they manufacture these highly bespoke products?

The service from Custom Earphones requires a fitting where cold wax is poured into your ears and a mould taken of your ear canals. I am sure this feels pretty weird….

By all accounts the experience is not unlike being submerged under water. Fittings can be done in a variety of UK locations including specsavers branches.

The resulting wax mould can then be pulled out on a string. These are used to make a plastic cast of your inner ear – built around etymotic’s ER-6i ear canal headphones.

The beauty of the resulting product is that it snugly fits your ear providing an unfettered listening experience.

Retail price is £150 ($300).

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