Don’t Break the Bottle Party Game

If you’re a bit of a masochist then you might enjoy this party game.


Named “Don’t break the bottle” it’s a genuine brain teaser and definitely not for the thirsty!

Gizoo say:

“The wine bottle puzzle consists of a few pieces of wood, some beads and a bit of rope. The challenge is to manoeuvre all the different parts so that the bottle can be taken out intact. This may involve pushing the ball through, passing the rope over, or pulling the block around, one thing or another. You’ll be surprised how many people will accept the challenge – it looks much easier than it is. If you manage to free the bottle of wine you’ll certainly deserve a glass.

It’s so frustrating if you’re the one attempting to solve this wooden puzzle, but great fun for anyone who’s watching. Watching someone struggle to release the bottle as everyone else offers ‘helpful’ advice will have you in stitches. Everyone will have their own way of tackling this puzzling task.

If you’re trying to release the bottle, it won’t be long before you’re desperate for the wine inside and the name of the puzzle – Don’t Break the Bottle – suddenly makes perfect sense, as you try anything to solve it!”


This game strikes me as a great way of getting to know your fellow party guests and at the very least it might help pace the consumption of your booze!

The main features are:

• Maximum Bottle Diameter: 9cm
• Works with standard wine, herb vinegar, olive oil, and pop bottles
• Includes wooden puzzle pieces, linking cord and instructions
• Unfortunately, the wine’s not included

Retailing for a very reasonable £19.95 ($37) this little brain teaser could really liven up your Christmas parties!

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