Enjoy Crystal Clear Hands-Free Calling With The Jabra Tour  

The Jabra Tour device promises the best in hands free car calling technology. Thanks to high quality sound, a slick look, a great microphone and a raft of extra features, we are happy to report that this device more than achieves what it sets out to.

Easy to set up and impressive battery life

Upon un-packing the device there is a small note within that suggests set up will only take a matter of minutes. However, we are happy to report that it actually only took seconds to sync up via Bluetooth. The device comes with easy pairing technology, which means it can quickly identify a device and partner almost immediately. Ours took no more than 30 seconds and we were away.


Once you have finished using the device, you will also not need to disconnect the device or even turn off the power, as the Jabra Tour comes with an impressive 60 days worth of standby time. We leave ours on every day for instant pairing when we get in the car and so far, we haven’t had to charge the device. In fact, Jabra claim that there is up to 20 hours worth of talk time and this seems more than feasible based on our testing.

Crystal clear calls and sound

The device is very discreet and neatly clips onto your sun visor. When you make your first call, you will also notice that the audio delivered is crystal clear thanks to a powerful little 3 watt HD speaker. Punchy, crisp – a perfect sound to chat away to. We even find the device’s audio powerful enough to stream podcasts on long journeys.


Plus, we asked multiple people what the clarity was like for them and they all agreed that the sound delivered to them was also clear. A superb product.

Intuitive and voice activated

 The Jabra Tour is also packing voice guidance technology and this means you will never have to take your eyes off of the road. For example, when you connect, pair or check the battery the device will tell you. Also, this funky little device reads out who is calling when a call comes in, so you can prepare yourself to either answer or screen the call!

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Yes, this device won’t drive your car for you. Nor will it make you win the lottery. But the few things this device does, it does perfectly well and exactly as advertised. We can now take calls at ease and on the go. We can take quick battery checks on the device to make sure it has enough power. And we can always rely on the device connecting efficiently and promptly whenever we get into the vehicle. It’s a brilliant device.

The device also comes with a handy car charger, but you won’t need to use this very often, thanks to the superior battery performance and lower power usage.

Available for £69.99 from the Jabra online store.

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