Ericsson K800i Cell Phone Rating

I am not a phone fanatic. All I want is a new cell phone that will primarily make phone calls without a problem. Probably of secondary importance to me is the ability to take good digital photos. Up until now most in built cell phone cameras have quite frankly been of poor quality. The technology has only really been able to accommodate a maximum 2 megapixels. Equate that to your average digital camera of 5 to 10 megapixels and you kind of get an idea of how far behind mobile phones are in the field of “convergence”.

Now there seems to be a genuine contender on the market in the form of the Sony Ericsson K800i, which offers semi good photographic quality of 3.2 megapixels and the technology is derived from the excellent sony cybershot series of digital cameras.


The only problem I have is that several years ago I ventured over to Ericsson and rued the day with all manner of problems 4 replacement phones etc etc. 3 years ago I decided to try again with the new Sony Ericsson’s that were hitting the market at that time – exactly the same result. Lots of problems, 3 replacement phones later I vowed never, ever, ever, to go back to Ericsson. So now I’m posed with a quandary. A bona fide quality digital camera mounted on a potentially dubious phone. To avoid being burnt again I decided to do some exhaustive research and thus far the responses appear to be overwhelmingly positive. Although, I did spot one review that echoed my previous problems in every way.

I think on balance that if this phone can hold together it could be superb, maybe even iconic considering the inbuilt camera appears to be a full 1.2 megapixels ahead of it’s competitors. If you know of another phone that competes on the camera front please enlighten me, because I haven’t found one.

Anyway, here’s the run down of the features as advertised by Carphone Warehouse:

“The Sony Ericsson K800i mobile phone redefines the way we think about camera phones. To start with, it’s branded “Cyber-shot” – the same name that graces Sony’s digital camera range. It also shares many of its menu features with Sony cameras, along with a powerful xenon flash for night-time photography and an image stabiliser to reduce camera shake when you’re taking pictures or recording videos.

Slide open the lens cover and the camera activates automatically. Now press the camera key and you’ll barely believe what happens next. The 3.2 megapixel lens will take a total of nine photos: one at the exact time you press the key, four immediately afterwards and – get this! – four immediately BEFORE the camera key was pressed. Simply pick your favourites and delete the others.

But the Sony Ericsson K800i isn’t just a remarkable camera. It’s a 3G handset, offering video calling, web browsing, email and RSS internet news feeds. It’s a music player as well, with an expandable memory if you need extra storage space for your favourite tunes. In addition you’ll discover 3D games, an FM radio and a range of organiser features, plus Bluetooth and infrared connectivity. Leave your digital camera at home and take the Sony Ericsson K800i instead!”

This has all the ingredients for an Iconic Gift but does it live up to expectations. You tell me. Preferably soon, as I’m about to buy one very shortly!

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