GEAR4 IceBox Tone iPhone Case Reviewed

The IceBox Tone cases aim to provide the ultimate in phone protection with a sleek and slim-line appearance. Specifically, for the iPhone 6/6s, this case pulls on all of GEAR4’s technological know-how to create a truly high performance case. GEAR4 IceBox Tone iPhone Case Reviewed.


Available in 4 colours, the IceBox Tone case is deceptively pretty. Slim-fitting with a clear polycarbonate back plate, the case fits neatly into your pocket and works well on the eye. Some cases are ugly and sacrifice looks for practicality, this one doesn’t.

Within the case is GEAR4’s secret – D30. D30 is a smart technology used by Olympians and the military to deliver high impact protection and unrivalled shock absorption.

In the IceBox Tone, the D30 is actually “INJECTABLE D30” which offers the highest level of D30 protection. This more compact version of D30 allows more protection per cubic millimetre than before and it allows for the case to not take on any extra bulk either. See how it works in the image below.


As we have said, the case comes in various colours, and this is made possible by the first use of Metallic D30, therefore allowing the tech to match your phone.

But does it work?

The simple answer is yes!

The D30 materials within the case work to disperse energy and shock, therefore protecting your phone from bangs and falls. According to GEAR 4 “The greater the force of the impact, the more the molecules lock together and the greater the protection”. This unique technology really makes the GEAR4 D30 range stand out and gives them an edge over a lot of competitors.


Also, according to the website, GEAR4 cases are designed to withstand drops from up to 3 meters high and are drop-test certified to meet military standards (MIL STD 810G-516.6). This is great news if you are clumsy and liable to drop your phone.

It’s also good to note that the case gives a little bit of clearance on the front of the device too. Meaning that the outer shell is raised and this stops the screen from coming into contact with surfaces when it is laid flat. A nice touch and it might just save your screen if you drop your phone on its front.

Perfect for iPhone 6 and 6s in silver, rose gold, gold, space grey, white.  GEAR4 BLACK  D3O® IceBox Tone £29.99 available from

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