George Foreman Evolve Grill Reviewed

Christmas can be a tempting time and it isn’t always easy to eat fast, healthily food. However, with George Foreman’s Evolve Grill, you can give some one this ability and give them the gift of healthy, tasty food. This nifty device will allow you to toast, grill (obviously) and bake some delicious meals in minutes.


The grill is comprised of two removable ceramic plates, which can easily be detached for cleaning in the washing machine or for a simple hand wash. Plus, these plates utilise the typical George Foreman non-stick, fat channelling plate technology, which means you can watch the fat drip away and yet retain all the flavour. We tried this grill with a range of vegetables, skewers, steaks and chicken breasts to make sure the grill could perform at each level. We were so, so impressed by the grills high quality and the high quality food it produced.



One of the coolest features on the Evolve grill is the Super Sear function. This function cranks up the heat to 260 degrees for a short period of time to give you restaurant quality searing. What a great tool to have in the home! But, no matter what you cook with this device, there is a handy guidebook, which suggests grilling times and temperatures for the perfect serve. To set a time simply tap the timer button on the front of the device and then set the temperature to suit what you are about to cook – it’s as easy as that. The 5 portion, family sized grill also has an adjustable foot so you can set the grill flat for toasting sandwiches or grilling vegetables and fish.

What also makes this grill so versatile is the ability to swap out a ceramic plate for a deep bake pan. This is great for easy to cook omelettes and tray bakes. This addition to the grill gives it another dimension of use and means it can be used across a vast range of dishes and cuisine. What a great idea!

A list of key features

  • 1700 watts.
  • Cooks 5 portions.
  • Non-stick removable dishwasher safe plates for easy cleaning.
  • Floating hinge to easily adjust to any thickness of food.
  • Sloped grill so oil or fat can drain easily and drip tray to collect the oil and fat.
  • Variable temperature control.
  • Temperature ready indicator.
  • Digital display.

You can now pick one up at Argos for only £99.99 right here.

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