GEOX Break New Ground With Their Innovative Nebula Range 

There can be no underestimating the importance of great footwear. A great piece of footwear is up there with a comfortable bed in terms of priorities and necessities. If you pick up the wrong shoes, you could experience discomfort and problems, which permeate further than just your feet. Plus, if you grab an unstylish pair, you will also fail to impress as you saunter down the street or into your local bar. The GEOX Nebula’s are a brand new footwear offering from GEOX, an offering which displays cutting edge footwear tech and also enough style to see you through most social occasions. The Nebula’s retail at around £110 typically and this may seem a little pricey, but they have a series of tricks that make them the must buy shoe this Spring. In short, if you are looking for a top Father’s Day gift idea, then we would recommend the GEOX Nebula’s in a heartbeat – we love them. Here is why…


The luxuriously comfortable fit and flexibility

Firstly, these shoes are wonderfully comfortable and a real treat for the feet (so sorry for the rhyming here, but it just had to be said). GEOX have designed the sole of the Nebula to follow the natural curvature of the feet and for contact to only occur where it suits your feet. According to the brand “the sole (flat at the heel and rounded in other areas) was designed to optimise foot and leg stability as the foot rolls.” The result of this design is a softness and ergonomic fit, which makes the overall wearing experience one superior to many on the market. Each step has the seeming comfort levels of a shag pile carpet and yet the foot is always being given the correct level of support. Every step is cushioned and lighter than with other footwear. These elements are all down to the shoes 3D Performance Unit. Take a look at the video below to find out more:

The innovative breathability

However, aside from the extremely comfortable wear of these shoes, there is another trick up the Nebula’s sleeve and this propels them into a different league. Each shoe has been equipped with ’s 3D Breathing Engineering. This unique concept gives the entire foot a sense of breathability and a greater sense of freedom on the move. A Net Breathing system makes up the first part of this engineering and this is essentially a series of strategically placed extra-large perforations on the soul which permits air flow. The shoe is then designed with a special lining and spacers to create pockets of space that allow heat to escape naturally, keeping your feet dry and away from possible sweating.

All of this technology combines to form a shoe which has 360° breathability and a freshness you would not find in the typical high street offering. Furthermore, they are super lightweight, made with the best materials and have a long lasting build quality. We are unbelievably impressed with the quality of the Nebula’s and we would recommend them to anyone as a gift (ideal for Father’s Day) or as a self-indulgent purchase. But warning, your other shoes will never feel the same again and you may be left wishing all of your footwear used Nebula technology.

We tried the Nebula Man in Dark Red (Take a look)


Find out more here. We would suggest taking a closer look at the entire GEOX range, as some of their footwear is absolutely stunning and there are certainly some great gift ideas lurking within.

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