Gift a Chocolate Club Membership

My wife joined a chocolate tasting club a while back. Funnily enough it was called the “Choclate Tasting Club“! It was something that I thought she would get bored of very quickly.


How wrong could I be. We’re 2 years down the road now and I am now an enthusiastic participant in the quarterly tasting box that arrives in the post. Sometimes the chocolates are poor, sometimes their average but mostly they are delicious. The great thing is that you get to try new chocolate combinations that haven’t hit the mainstream. Exotic combinations like chilli and dark chocolate or how about this months winning chocolate, the Cherry Pannacotta – “bringing together a creamy, cocoa butter-rich pannacotta with a tangy, tart cherry compote and playing the two off against each other to great effect.” Ummmm mouth watering.

Receiving these chocolates once a quarter and filling out the rating card can honestly brighten up your day. At the very least you get an incredible hit of delicious chocolate!

For me this would make a great gift for just about anybody. Current membership is £15.95 ($24) per month

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