Giles & Posner Bella Pizza Oven Reviewed

Have you ever wanted that authentic pizza taste in the comfort of your own home? It can sometimes be impossible to get it right in a standard over. Fortunately, the Bella Pizza Oven from Giles & Posner might just be the answer. It offers premium, restaurant quality pizza cooking in around 5 minutes and up to 12 inches in size. Yum!

The device uses dual heating technology and a domed lid to ensure your pizza is cooked to perfection each time. In fact, the oven can get itself up to and beyond 300 degrees Celsius. Mainly due to a rotating hot stone, the Bella Pizza Oven is able to reach high temperatures with ease. The stone retains heat and absorbs moisture from the air, therefore keeping your pizza hot and dry as it cooks. This means no more soggy bottomed pizza! For us it seemed to work really well, with each pizza having a crispness that you wouldn’t get in a standard oven.

Inside the box you will also find a handy guide to dough, recipes and instructions on how to get the best out of your Giles & Posner Bella Pizza Oven. One word of caution, the device is quite large, so do be prepared to have ample cupboard space to stow it away and a sizeable work top to place it on. Also, the device becomes extremely hot to touch, so keep children a safe distance before embarking on your pizza.

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