Go Green with a Wooden Bike

Um the “Xylon Wooden Bike” sounds like a nice idea but what about the splinters! And what about warping, moisture damage/penetration etc, would these pose structural weaknesses that could snap the bike in half at a minutes notice? Probably not, but something to consider. Nonetheless the wooden bike concept is a nice, if utopian idea. Would it make a good gift? Possibly, particularly for the environmentally conscious of us.


Here’s what Treehugger say about it:

“Aeronautical grade plywood and seasoned hardwood are combined with ‘state-of-the-art adhesive’ to engineer these hand-built bicycle frames, to which components from leaders in the field are affixed. The completed bikes are designed to be functional, as well as beautiful. The model names reflect the character of their shape and structure.”

Sounds cool. Just not sure about the viability of the product or the company in truth. But maybe I’m just barking up the wrong tree!

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