Gross Magic – Top kids games for Christmas 2015

Here’s our fourth featured Drummond Park game for Christmas 2015…

Gross Magic set (rrp £19.99)

Fully updated for Christmas 2015, the new Gross Magic set (for ages 8 to adult) is full to bursting with truly outrageous gags and tricks that plumb new depths when it comes to horrendously bad taste!  Classic favorites that simply can’t be set aside now nestle alongside many appallingly foul new tricks that are guaranteed to make your audience howl and squirm with disgusted astonishment. Soon you’ll be expertly slipping from revolting trick to stomach-turning gag in a show of unrivalled hideousness!  The sick tricks and unbelievable  illusions contained in the great-value box are designed to elicit the most extreme reactions from your victims – erm, sorry – audience

For example, they’ll never forget an encounter with the ‘Clean to Dirty Toilet’ trick.  This magical miniature toilet comes complete with slimy brown ‘poo’… and it’s empty one moment, and full of filthy goo the next!  It’s the ultimate in toilet humour.  Then there’s the unrivalled ‘Toilet Paper Cleaner’ with its incredible effect of cleaning ‘poo’ stains off a piece of ‘used’ toilet paper!

And, of course, this amazing set of extreme magic would not be complete without an abominable bundle of repulsive Bogie Tricks that are bound to get everyone screeching with horror.  Think jumping bogies … breeding bogies … bogie in your pocket – eww, yeeuck!  A longstanding favourite is the one where you go to blow your nose, only to reveal an enormous green bogie hanging from your nostril – which you then proceed to snort back up again!  (It’s all done with a clever elastic band prop, but like the good magician you’ll soon be, you never reveal your secrets.)

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