Helly Hansen – AHIGA Trainers

On your journey to fitness this year it may have already become apparent that those old trainers from 3 years ago need an update. It’s very easy to forget the importance of your trainers, but they can have a significant effect on how well you perform. A lot of men’s trainers focus completely on that practicality but could easily be described as ‘garish’ when it comes to their appearance and style. Luckily you’ll be able to find a great combination of both style and substance with the Helly Hansen AHIGA trainers.

AHIGA Trainers

The first thing you’ll notice with the AHIGA trainers is how sleek and subtle they look. There are 3 colour choices: green and black, blue and black or red, white and black. All of the colours compliment each other and look great whether you’re in the gym or out and about. That versatility is essential for modern trainers as it means you don’t have to constantly change your shoes. The second thing you’ll notice with the AHIGA trainers is that they are as light as a feather. The fact that they weighed so little had me concerned that these trainers would fall apart with anything more intensive than a jog, but even after some rigorous sports testing they seem to provide great durability.

I first tested the AHIGA trainers by going for a 30-minute jog, and found that the breathable mesh worked a treat and provided ample ventilation – my feet were noticeably cooler post-workout. I also found that the bespoke midsole and heel technologies provided tremendous support for my feet, and the shoe generally felt shaped to my foot in order to maintain comfort during movement. At first the trainers may feel slightly small towards the toes, but I would recommend wearing them for a few days and you will find that they adapt to your foot quickly. In order to test their day-to-day use I wore them into the office for a day and spent a good amount of time standing and sitting. Throughout the day I found that the trainers had great support for my heels which could be a big selling point for anyone working in retail or a job which requires them to stand still for prolonged periods of time.

Overall the Helly Hansen AHIGA trainers offer a comfortable and versatile experience at a very affordable price. At the time of this article they are currently on sale for £35, offering you a 50% saving. Find out more information and pick up a pair for yourself on the Helly Hansen website.

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