Home filling sound from Lindy BTS-360 Bluetooth speakers

They say great things come in small packages. With the Lindy BTS-360 that is certainly the case and we are super impressed by their capabilities at such a small size. Here is how we got on!


Lindy are one of Europe’s leading producers of computer and audio-visual tech, so we were excited to hear about one of their latest projects, the BTS-360. The 360 in the name alludes to the speakers ability to function as a 360° room filling sound system. Now, at only 20cm tall, you may think this to be impossible and for the speaker to put out a minimal sound. However, upon first testing, we realised that this little speaker packs a punch and can really do what it says on the tin. You aren’t going to be able to hold night club evenings or full on raves, but the sound is full and each corner of the room receives equal volume. We were really impressed and the systems internal bass reflex chamber also gives the sound power and depth.


In terms of performance, this speaker is a real winner and the good points don’t stop there; in terms of functionality, this speaker also excels. The BTS-360 uses Bluetooth 3.0 technology to connect to devices up to 10 metres away. A neat addition to this system is NFC (Near Field Communication, the same tech in contactless payment cards), this allows you to connect in an instant just by tapping your phone on the speaker. Amazing! Battery time is also strong on the BTS with Lindy claiming it comes in at eighteen hours, but realistically it’s about 14 or so. This is still a fantastic innings for a battery powered device and means you can take it out, use it in the home or even in the office.


Key spec details

  • High Quality, stylish 360° Surround Sound Speaker with bass reflex chamber
  • Connects with compatible Bluetooth smartphones, MP3 players, tablets and laptops etc
  • Uses Bluetooth 3.0, with NFC for simple pairing
  • A2DP 1.2 profile support
  • Built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 18 hours continuous use
  • Reception range 10m – 2.4 – 2.4835 GHz (ICM-band)
  • 3.5mm stereo female audio socket for auxiliary input
  • Recharging via included USB Micro-B cable

Available now from www.lindy.co.uk, the BTS-360 has a UK SRP of £59.94.

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