Horrid Henry: The Good, The Bad and The Bugly Nintendo 3DS Review

If you are looking to buy a good 3DS game for Christmas, Horrid Henry is ideal for young kids.

Young gamers will probably already be a fan of Horrid Henry from the TV cartoon. My boys go into some kind of dream like trance when they watch it….It`s great, I get things done!


Chief mischief maker Horrid Henry is wrongly accused of losing his brother`s rabbit and it`s up to you to restore Henry`s good name. What follows is a platform game filled with fun and simple gameplay – all set in a 3D world.

The gameplay is simple, but when you consider the target market, this is an essential. Kids will immerse themselves into the 3D world that works reasonably well in this 3DS game.

Fans of Horrid Henry will delight in using the goo shooter over three different worlds. Lovely Land which is based on Horrid Henry’s brother, Peter`s imagination and where the enemies include happy hippos and carrots, the Pirate Mangrove, which is a swamp level and the final world, Darius Drek`s Fortress.

Each world has an end of level boss to conquer and the gameplay here does get a little tougher, but kids like a challenge.

The voices in the game are straight from the cartoon and the visuals are spot on. This is a well thought out platform game with enough of a challenge for the gamers it is aimed at.

A great 3DS release for kids, absolutely perfect for Christmas. Available at Amazon and all other game retailers.

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