Hoverpetz – The Flying Pet!

Who doesn`t want a Hoverpetz for Christmas? These crazy flying monsters are all my kids talk about these days and I must admit – they are an ingenious invention. New from Terox, the Hoverpetz come in 4 designs, or personalities I should say!

Gonk – orange, Moosh – purple, Jelo- pink and Kook – green. They all whizz around above our heads expertly controlled by a r/c infra red controller or individual flight plans may be followed using your smart phone (the app for this can be downloaded free). What will they think of next! Not sure who plays with this the most, the kids or their dad!


Each pet lights up so they can be seen in dim light, and are built to withstand multiple crash landings – in case its ever my turn to have a go! Made from durable light plastic with flexible feet, these petz are stable on the ground and amazing in the air.

The easy to fly technology and full 6 way directional controls makes for a super cool flying experience – see for your-self and view the video www.hoverpetz.co.uk. The HoverPetz range is suitable for children aged 10+, each product is designed to encourage fun and laughter. For more information please visit www.teroxtoys.com. They are priced from £39.99.

Now for the hard part – which cute flying character will you choose?

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