Iconic Gifts Mini Christmas Technology Guide

Christmas is on the way! Looking for a little tech inspiration this festive period? Check out our trio of recommended Christmas gifts for technologically minded. Included affordable Bluetooth earphones from Intempo, one of the best torches we have ever tried from GP Batteries and a handy tracking device for keys, wallets and more from Trackr.

Intempo Metallic Earphones (£24.99)

This Christmas Bluetooth wireless earphones are set to be one of the most asked for gifts around. These Intempo Metallic earphones offer affordability, great sound and style all in one package.

Intempo Metallic earphones use Bluetooth version 4 to deliver the latest in connection technology. The connection works at a standard range of approximately 10 metres and we found connection to be pretty consistent. Securely connected with a 60 cm cable, they have volume control buttons and a built-in hands-free microphone for receiving phone calls.

Thanks to an onboard lithium-ion battery, you can expect around 5-6 hours worth of listening time, or 100+ hours of standby time too.

For under £30 you are not going to get earth shattering sound here. However, the Intempo earphones deliver decent bass and clarity for this end of the market. They are a good lower price alternative to earphones in the £100+ bracket. Available from Amazon.

GP Batteries BEAM High Lumen Rechargeable PR57

I don’t usually get that excited about torches and I may usually be somewhat unsure about buying a torch that is £84.99. However, with the High Lumen Rechargeable PR57, the price tag and the excitement are a little more justified!

There are eight models in the BEAM range and features include hardwearing anodized protective coating, they are OPX-4 water resistant, they include high/low brightness settings including SOS function, a tail stand with anti roll, reverse polarity protection and a one-hand focus system. Essentially, this torch range has all the bells and whistles to keep you safe. The PR57 is the flagship model in this range and it would make for a superb Christmas gift this year for someone who has long dark walks to work, for example.

Features include; 3 brightness levels plus strobe to suit different applications and needs, tactical dual switch for direct one-handed operation, instant strobe and momentary-on, PWM regulation for accurate light output at different levels. Plus, it is also compatible with the GP Batteries TRAV O SAFE portable charger.

This model boasts a range of 1000 lumen meaning that any space is flooded with light instantly. Plus thanks to the onboard powerful Li-ion battery, the device is easily rechargeable and reliable.

To see the full GP Batteries BEAM range visit: http://uk.gp-design.com

Trackr Bravo (£24.99)

Super handy, this neat little gadget can help protect and find your expensive keys, gadgets, handbags or even your wallet.

TrackR Bravo is a lightweight, nifty tracking device that can be attached to almost anything and it can then be used to find that item with your smartphone. Simply open up the smartphone app and you can cause the Pixel Tracker to ring, therefore making finding the item its attached to a doddle. That means losing your keys is now a thing of the past.  Likewise, if you lose your smartphone but you have your Bravo, simply press the button on the tracker and it will cause your phone to start ringing. The tracker makes it almost impossible to lost your most valued objects. Alexa integration also means that tracking is even easier. We also love the silver and rose gold looks, bang on trend!

Your smartphone relies up on you being in range with your object. However, if you go outside this, then the TrackR has another trick up its sleeve. When another TrackR user walks by your item, you’ll receive a confidential location update. This means that if you lose your object while out and about, there is a greater chance of finding your item.

Grab one of these devices here for £24.99.

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