Introducing Pana Chocolate

Pana Chocolate is a gorgeously smooth, rich, and silky chocolate packed with essential antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Lovingly handmade in Melbourne, Australia, each 45g bar contains only natural ingredients such as raw organic nuts, organic goji berries, organic coconut flakes and pure 100% essential oils.


pana chocolate

Pana Chocolate is dairy free, soy free and gluten free containing 100% pure essential oils and sweetened with the natural sweeteners Agave and Coconut Nectar. Ranging from 50% up to 80% raw cacao, each bar boasts natural goodness. Every Pana Chocolate product is 100% vegan friendly and recognised by the Vegan Society.

pana chocolate

Available in an assortment of 9 flavours including: Cinnamon, Coconut & Goji, Eighty, Fig & Wild Orange, Mint, Nuts, Orange, Raw Cacao, Sour Cherry. Competitively priced at £3.20 a bar,

Pana Chocolate is the perfect guilt-free treat for all ages.

Pana chocolate

pana chocolate

pana chocolateCacao processed at high temperatures (as is common in most chocolate) loses its nutrient value and can cause a build-up of acid in the body. Pana Chocolate is prepared using consistently low temperature to produce a non- acidic chocolate that retains its naturally occurring nutrients and antioxidants. By choosing raw chocolate, you are getting all of the benefits of the cacao bean; the most antioxidant rich food source known.

pana chocolatePana Chocolate is passionate about people and Mother Earth. It does not only want to make delicious chocolate, the company also wants to make the world a little nicer. That’s why all Pana Chocolate ingredients are 100% certified organic and farmers are paid a fair price for their products. Their eco-friendly packaging is made from 100% recycled materials, with biodegradable foil wrapping, vegetable based inks and an edible plant gum seal.

Creator Pana Barbounis enthuses: “Our mandate is that everyone, regardless of dietary requirements, can enjoy the variety of chocolate we make. We’re delighted Pana Chocolate has been embraced by 3000 stockists across the world and we hope we can replicate Pana Chocolate’s success in the UK.”

pana chocolate

Pana Chocolate RRP. £3.20 (45g) – Current stockists include Whole Foods Market, As Nature Intended, Planet Organic, health food stores, independent retailers and selected shops nationwide.

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