iPieces – What the iPad was made for?!

Sometimes, a product hits Iconic Gifts Towers and is met with huge excitement. iPieces from family favourite Jumbo Games is one such product.

Turn your iPad into a playing board and get stuck into Snakes and Ladders, Air Hockey, Game of Goose and Fishing.

The idea is simple enough, but when you throw in Apple`s technology with sound and visual effects, the traditional games come to life.


We tried out the fishing game and were more than impressed. I loved the version of this that floated around our childhoods, but the game is revolutionised using the iPad.

The game play is unexpected and addictive. Just as important, it`s very simple to get the hang of, meaning little ones can join in the fun too. Just catch your fish (the most wins) and place them in your `bucket`…but watch out for the pesky heron!

Major selling points for these games include no more missing pieces, a perfect travel accessory for kids and the price. All these games cost £9.99, around the same price as the games in original format, but with much more whistles and bells.

For some time now, this has been the sole use of the iPad. That should give you some idea just how good they are!

Here`s a run down of the other iPad games available from Jumbo –

• For the more traditional gamers, Snakes & Ladders comes to life with realistic movement and sounds as players use their iPieces to progress through the game.
• Air Hockey brings the fun of the arcade to the iPad. Use your iPieces to hit the puck across the ice, collecting bonus balls, whilst staying clear of the cracks.
• In Game of Goose, players progress around the board using the goose iPieces in a challenge to be the first to reach the centre.

iPieces include a free downloadable game application and is available at Amazon.co.uk.

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