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If you haven`t heard about It`s Your story, then I am more than happy to tell you all about them and their newest adventure. Just think of how happy you little one would be to receive a book in which they star! Well, thanks to the ingenious It`s Your Story, this can be made into reality.

Being the first company in the UK to sell photo-personalised books on the web, they have a superb range of 26 books as well as cards, party invites, e-books, e-cards and even a photo-personalised Father Christmas letter. Sounds good, doesn`t it! And now, they have a fantastic E-Book available which will be delivered to your inbox in less than 5 minutes after completion of your order! And it couldn`t be easier to do!

There are two stories available, the very popular SuperSox and an Animated Snowman story. I have actually seen both of these in the book style, with my own children being the star`s of the book! The stories are absolutely fantastic. But now with computers becoming increasingly in use with the younger generation, the version of the E-Story is a splendid idea.


Let me tell you a little about SuperSox and the vanishing teddies. The story follows the child’s adventures as they track down the evil Professor and Noxious Weed who have stolen the children’s teddies. You will be able to see how SuperSox squeezes through keyholes, blasts through walls and flies through the sky to rescue the teddies. It`s a fun story which will guarantee a lot of giggles!

Once you have placed your order you will receive an email with a link to view the e-story as many times as you want. This can be forwarded to friends and family so they can see your superhero in action!

All you have to do is give details of the child’s surname, address, family members, names of two friends, age, hair and eye colour, favourite TV programme, weight, height, size of feet and the name for the teddy bear that will also features in the story. Simply pay the small fee of £4.99, and you will have your story completed and delivered in 5 minutes. You have got to love this one!

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