karmase7en – We love Body jewellery to look great, but it has to feel great too. While all our Body Jewellery is cheap in price, it is never cheap in quality. All our Body jewellery is all crafted from high-grade materials and has been manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring quality but cheap cost body jewellery. Looking to buy deluxe body jewellery? Well look not further! Choose from Real Diamond Body Jewellery, Gold Body Jewellery, Beautifully designed Sterling Silver Body Jewellery, and Precious Gemstone Body Jewellery along with classic Body Piercing Jewellery such as Titanium Piercing Jewellery, Black PVD Titanium Piercing Jewellery & Surgical Steel piercing Jewellery. Browse our Classic Body Jewellery pieces such as Barbells, BCRs and Labrets Studs in our Body Jewellery Shop. We want body piercings to look special and believe, as much care should go into choosing the right piece of body jewellery, as you would choose any other piece of jewellery. Our extensive ranges of unique body jewellery have been designed specifically for individual piercings, and with our large body jewellery ranges to buy from we will ensure you find the perfect piece of body jewellery for your piercing.

Owl Blue Zircon Belly Bar by Crystal Evolution

These highly detailed Blue Zircon Crystal Owl Belly Bars by Crystal Evolution with Swarovski elements are simply gorgeous and have a vintage feel to them and are packed full of cute charm and detailing. With 2 Jet Swarovski elements Eyes and a belly full of bright sparkly Swarovski elements crystals, this Owl Belly Bar has class and style.The Swarovski elementsS crystals are set under a quality gloss seal, which keeps the Crystals securely in place, as well as giving a glass-like polished finish to the belly bar. The Top Ball of the Owl belly bar is also set with a complimenting Swarovski elements crystal. Made using Swarovski elements crystal Evolution® Belly Bars are ultimate in designer belly bars.

Owl Blue Zircon Belly Bar by Crystal Evolution® with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Product Code: CE-OWL-02

• Owl Design with Swarovski elements
• Size: 1.6mm x 8mm or 10mm
• Surgical Steel Owl
• Surgical Steel Stem
• Crystal Evolution

This Piercing Ring with feather Charm is at the height of style and fashion. The silver feather charm slides over the ring and dangles from the Ball Closure Ring to create a unique and original look for your piercing.

Feather Charm Product Code: KS-BCR-17

This is body jewellery that can be worn in a range of different piercing adding versatility to this ball closure rings long list of qualities.

• Sterling Silver feather charm
• Surgical Steel Ring
• Size:1.2mm x 8mm
• Ball Closrure Rings can be worn in many different piercings
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Tragus & Helix Clicker Ring – Clear Crystal

This stunning and striking ‘Tragus & Helix Clicker Ring – Clear’ is a fabulously revolutionary piercing ring, which looks and feels gracefully exquisite in your Helix and Tragus piercing, giving it a unique flair of class, plus its majorly easy and straightforward to wear and fit into your piercing! This stunner of a clicker ring, has been made from Surgical Steel and has been set with a runner of clear crystal stones, making it ever so classic and pretty!

Tragus and helix ring clear crystal Product Code: K7-CSR-19

• 1.2mm x 8mm & 10mm
• Can be worn in most ear piercings including Tragus, Rook and Helix
• Surgical steel
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Black Titanium Micro Body Piercing Ring

Black Titanium Micro Body Piercing Rings are the ultimate on Ball Closure rings. As well as looking amazing with their glossy black colour, they are also beneficial for body piercings too. These micro BCR’s are made from the finest medical grade G23 titanium and have been coated with PVD coating, this type of coating is also used in pacemakers and body-pins that are placed into the body for medical reasons. PVD coated titanium is competely Nickel free and can be worn even if you suffer from metal and Nickel allergies. All Black PVD coated Titanium sold at K7 is precision manufactured especially for us in Europe. We source direct so you can be sure that you are always buying top quality body jewellery.

black titanium

Product Code: K7-B7-M

• Sizes – 1.2mm x 6mm, 8mm & 10mm
• Quality G23 Titanium
• Medical Grade Black PVD Coating
• Completely inert & Hypo-Allergenic
• Helps new piercings to Heal Quicker
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Star – Helix & Cartilage Stud Earring – White

“Twinkle Twinkle little star” This White Star Helix and Cartalige ear stud is a sensational piece of helix piercing jewellery. The sterling silver star is set with a white mother of pearl centre creating an elegant and sophisticated look and feel to upper ear and helix piercings. Made sterling 925 silver this star oozes quality. The star motif is attached to a 1.2mm x 8mm surgical steel barbell stem and fits with a 3mm threaded ball, which is worn at the back of the piercing. This lovely piece of helix jewellery can be worn in all upper ear cartilage piercings and even tragus and ear lobe piercings.

star helix and cartilage Product Code: KS-ET-32-W
• Suitable for both left and right ears
• Specially designed for upper and ear rim piercings, can also be worn in the ear lobe & tragus
• Sterling silver star motif with mother of pearl inlay
• Surgical steel post
• Size: 1.2mm x 8mm
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Titanium Internally Threaded Labret Stud – Clear Jewel

Unlike externally threaded body jewellery where the stem contains a exposed thread that screws into the ball / disc, this labret stud has the thread on the jewelled ball which then screws into the stem. This means that the stem that passes through your pieces is completely smooth and has no rough edges from the thread that would pass through your piercings causing discomfort. The crystal clear disc paired with the sleek look of the titanium creates are gorgeous piece of body jewellery which can be worn in a vast array of pieces due to the versatility of labret studs including Lip, Monroe and ear piercings.

titanium internally threaded labret stud clear jewel

Product Code: KT-ILS-01
• Made from Medical Grade G23 Titanium
• Internally threaded
• 1.2mm or 1.6mm Gauge / Thickness
• Length: 6mm, 8mm or 10mm
• Sold individually


Angel Wing Dangly Belly Bar – Crystal Clear

These pretty dangly belly bars are made using a classic double jewelled surgical steel belly bar and pair of angle wings, which are attached to the belly bar with a jump hoop. The belly bar is made with a 8mm lower ball and a 5mm removable top ball; both balls are set with a pretty clear jewel. The angel wings are a impressive 14mm x 17mm making this a big statement belly stud.

angel wing dangly belly barProduct Code: K7-DANG-01-C

As always we only source piercing jewellery that is functional, comfortable, durable and attractive. Motif dangles from the ball of the belly bar
• Crystal Clear
• Surgical Steel Stem
• Size: 1.6mm x 10mm
• Specially designed for navel piercings
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Black Titanium Jewelled Belly Bar – Aqua

Black Titanium Jewelled Belly Bars are really sleek pieces of belly jewellery and are popular with both men and women. The lower 8mm ball and top 5mm ball have both been set with light blue jewels which are set off against the black metal perfectly.
The black colour is created by applying a medical grade PVD coating over a G23 Titanium navel Bananabell. As well as looking fasntastic this PVD coating makes the jewellery completely inert, so much so that this material is used for medical devises such as bone pins and pace makers.

black titanium jewelled belly barProduct Code: K7-B7JN-04

• Size – 1.6mm x 8mm & 10mm
• 5mm Top Ball, 8mm Bottom Ball
• Light Blue Jewel
• Quality G23 Titanium
• Medical Grade Black PVD Coating
• Completely inert & Hypo-Allergenic
• Helps new piercings to Heal Quicker
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Crystal Star Belly Bar – Crystal Clear

Do you want something extra special for your navel piercing? Then the Crystal Star Belly Bar is just what you need. It is truly an exquisite belly bar which will enhance any navel piercing. Its lavish star design is give even more radiance with its surrounding clear crystal settings.This piece of body Jewellery has all the characteristics of great body jewellery: Sophisticated style, great craftsmanship and superb comfort thanks to the 1.6mm x 10mm bananabell stem.

Crystal Star Belly BarProduct Code: KS-CBB-01

• Sterling Silver Star Motif with clear crystal clusters
• Surgical Steel Stem
• Size: 1.6mm x 8mm
• Specially designed for navel piercings
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Silver Love Heart Belly Bar

Solid Silver Belly Bars give belly piercings an elegant and classy look and this Silver Love Heart Belly Bar is no exception.The popular open-heart design is expertly crafted from solid sterling silver and also features a cute bow to the side with a Clear crystal as a sparkly finishing touch.The Sterling Silver Love heart design is attached to a standard curved surgical steel stem and a 5mm threaded top ball.These lovely belly bars are great pieces of belly button jewellery to wear all year round, but they also make fabulous Valentines gifts for the special person in your life.

Silver Love Heart Belly BarProduct Code: KS-BBB-04

• Sterling Silver motif
• Surgical steel stem
• Specially designed for navel piercings
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Daisy Tragus Cuff – Clear

Do you want to treat your tragus piecing to a cute new look? This Clear Daisy Tragus Cuff has a beautiful design and is crafted from 925 sterling silver, each of these sterling silver daisies is set with a clear gem and exudes elegance and excellence in equal measure. The sterling silver daisy cuff motif simply pushes into a Bioflex stem and gently wraps around your tragus. Bioflex is a very flexible and lightweight material that is very comfortable to wear. It is also hypo-allergenic making it the perfect type of body jewellery for any one who suffers with metal allergies.

Daisy Tragus Cuff

Product Code: KS-TC-03-C

• Stylish & Unique design
• Sterling Silver motif
• Comfortable Bioflex stem
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