The KiK Cloud 50W – Reviewed

With the vaping craze showing no signs of slowing and specialist shops opening their doors up and down the country, there have never been so many options for those who crave (or don’t crave) the nicotine buzz.

Kik Cloud 50W

The KiK Cloud 50W is one such device, looking to stake its claim at the top of the vaping tree; with its sleek design, simple set up, and built in safety features being of particular interest.

Straight out of the box, the device impresses, a matte finish on the main grip means (when combined with its shape) that it sits comfortably in your hand, with a good amount of weightiness adding to the high build quality. After a couple of minutes reading instructions and putting the Cloud 50W together I was vaping away, with the supplied flavour of ‘Doc’s Blend’ being very nice, think of a cross between blackcurrant and mint and you’re pretty much there. Charging the device is as easy as it comes, with the only action required being to plug it into a USB slot, the Cloud 50W starter kit also comes with replacement coils, so there’s little worry of having to buy a whole load of accessories straight away. Safety features, as per their description on the website, include “output short circuit protection, reverse battery protection, low resistance warning, low voltage warning, and high input voltage warning”.

If you’re looking to try your hand at vaping, the KiK Cloud 50W is a good place to start, with its sleek design, smooth inhalation and easy set up. At £34.99RRP, the device is very competitively priced, especially for a premium Sub-Ohm starter kit.

See more at KiK’s website here.

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