Last Minute Christmas Drink Ideas 2015

Chase Distillery Sloe and Mulberry Gin (50cl, 29%, RRP: £27.50)

Chase Distillery are here to bestow upon you a British gin which has been skillfully blended together with Herefordshire hedgerow sloe berries and mulberries. In these recent years I have very rarely seen gins which incorporate mulberries, and this may well be because they have fallen out of fashion due to their slowgrowing nature. The Chase Sloe Gin is presented wonderfully in a minimalist bottle which incorporates a traditional cork – I could easily imagine it sitting on shelves throughout the ages, and I feel that this parallels perfectly with the slowgrowing mulberries.

This Sloe and Mulberry Gin is instantly recognisable by its unique, rich flavour which is particularly fruity. The mulberries create an enthralling taste, with a clean tartness around the edges. Overall this gin provides a warming experience, which is absolutely perfect for the winter months. If you really want to make it into a festive hit then we would recommend combining it with a touch of cinnamon, or even adding a little to a glass of champagne. Get your hands on a bottle leading up to Christmas for £27.50. You can find out more at, and it is also available to buy at selected independent retailers.

 Chase Distillery Release Exclusive Sloe and Mulberry Gin

Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay

Californian wine is really booming at the moment and new, fantastic wines from the region are springing up all the time. One of the latest kids on the block is Dark Horse, a premium tasting Californian wine, but without the high-end price tag.

Bold and full of exciting flavours, these contemporary and stylish wines are an absolute treat. Plus, they can be had for under £10 a bottle. For us, this was a fantastically good wine for the price and far exceeded our expectations.

Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon heroes dark, earthy flavours of blackberry, black cherry and a hint of nutmeg. Full-bodied and rich, the wine delivers a dry, smooth texture that leaves a taste of dark chocolate espresso finish. Made from a blend of hand-selected grapes from California’s Lodi and Delta winegrowing areas for a silky, deep flavour.

DH Cabernet Sauvignon-Pour-B-1

 Dark Horse Chardonnay offers bright, sweet aromas of baked apple and peaches, layered with buttery notes of toasted oak and caramel. Its rich, creamy essence is perfectly complemented by a refreshing crisp acidity.

DH Chardonnay-wine

Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon and Dark Horse Chardonnay are available nationwide leading retailers for an RRP of £8.99.

Four Pillars Gin Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin (70cl, 41.8%, RRP: £39.85)

Australia may not be your first port of call when looking for fine gins; however, having tasted Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin, we think you should seriously consider it for the future. Bottled in a small distillery in the Yarra Valley, this gin has been created around (yes, you guessed it!), 4 key ingredients – i.e. the four pillars. These pillars are the still (a copper pot called Wilma where the gin is created), the water (from the Yarra Valley), the botanicals (Tasmanian pepperberry, lemon myrtle), and love. This is a truly superb and neat gin, with clean flavours and a high-end feel. From the aesthetically pleasing bottle to the taste, this is a faultless gin. Stunning. Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin is available at, RRP £39.85.


Four Pillars Cocktail Idea – Christmas Negroni 

An aromatic twist on a classic aperitif, the classic Italian Negroni combines gin, vermouth and Campari, with a dash of chocolate bitters and a slice of zesty orange to complement the gin’s surprising botanicals.



  • 30 ml Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin
  • 30 ml Campari
  • 30ml Belsazar Red Vermouth
  • A dash of Fee Brother’s Aztec Chocolate Bitters


In a tumbler, mix Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin, Campari and Belsazar Red Vermouth. Finish with two dashes of Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate Bitters. Top with ice and garnish with a twist of orange.

Bolney Wine gift boxes (from £189.99)

If you are looking for the ultimate wine selection for Christmas, then we would highly recommend Bolney Wine. These wonderful wines hail not from Europe or South America, but it in fact, they are beautifully British. Bolney wines are hand picked by master wine maker Sam Linter in England and they are very, very good indeed.


For the ultimate treat, we would recommend the Christmas dinner case, which has been specially selected by their winery team to suit every dinner table centrepiece. It includes:

  • 2 x Cuvee noir 2011
  • 2 x Bolney bubbly NV
  • 3 x Pinot noir 2014
  • 3 x Bacchus 2014
  • 2 x Lychgate red 2013

Available here.

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