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Pawa Card (£19.99)


Ever been caught short and need that extra bit of batter power to get you home? Well, the Onaji Pawa Card offers a good solution to emergency on the go charging. Plus, you can sync data and fully charge your device when plugged into a USB powered source. The device is a little thicker than a credit card and operates using a 500mAh lithium polymer battery. The cool 3 in 1 connector makes for a pretty versatile device, but the chunkiness of the connector can result in some issues with phone cases and doesn’t always fit snugly. This card is compatible with most smartphones including iPhone 3/4/5, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, Blackberry and more. Our charges seem to have resulted in a 25% increase in battery using an iPhone 5s from flat, which is pretty good if you are out and about. Recommended as a lower price power unit and fairly robust too.

Full specs

  •  Dimentions: 92mm – Height, 58mm – Width, 4.9mm – Thick.
  • Lithium Battery Capacity: 500mAH
  • Battery Life: 500 Charges
  • Charging Time: Less than 1 Hour
  • Weight: 32 grams
  • Output Voltage: DC 5V
  • Input Current: 500mAH
  • Input Voltage: Dc4V-6V


Pawa Glass (£14.99)

One of the biggest issues smart phone users face is protecting the beautiful screens which seem so fragile and are so vulnerable. Onaji’s Pawa Glass is a wonderful solution to protecting your screen and only costs £14.99, rather than £140+ for a screen repair on an iPhone, for example.

Onaji have developed a screen protector which fits seamlessly and covertly  – it’s so well made that the glass looks like the glass of your iPhone and works perfectly with touch. In short, it’s like there isn’t a screen protector on there. However, with the screen protection here you get shock absorption, scratch protection and a peace of mind that your phone is prepared for any potential damage (within reason, obviously).

Onaji Pawa Glass is made from a unique five layer composite polymer and glass which is processed at high temperatures to create a tempered glass that is a grade 9H on MOHS scale. This makes it “harder than steel” according to the brand and it has been specifically engineered to absorb shocks. Furthermore, Onaji Pawa Glass has ‘edge to edge’ coverage offering maximum protection of the entire screen. It’s also scratch resistant and offers protection against scraping and abrasions.

This is one of the best screen protectors we have tried and I would suggest you get one right away. http://onaji.co.uk/


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