Learn Through Play With A Sensory Miffy

Simply adorable, Miffy is a cute white rabbit with lots and lots of character! Originating in the Netherlands in 1955, this iconic children’s favourite was created by artist and illustrator Dick Bruna.  In order to help bring a bed time story to life Miffy was created by Bruna for his own children. Now, in 2017, Miffy is known around the globe.

Miffy has a range of spectacularly charming toys for little ones, all of which are available from their online store. However, one of their most popular toys is the Sensory Miffy.

This touch enable toy is designed to be both cute and to enhance a child’s sensory recognition. The toy has touch pads on the hand, foot, tummy, ear, mouth, eye or head. Once pressed, Miffy will name the body part that’s been pressed.

But that’s not all, Miffy will also play the theme from the animated Miffy series if you press the button on her dress. Overall, there are 14 interactive elements to Sensory Miffy and each offers the chance for your little one to learn while they play. Miffy is also super soft too, so she is perfect for your little one to cuddle up to!

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